Fathers Day Love

Jerek oh Jerek where do I begin!
Did you know this is your first fathers day as a daddy bear of two, nutso, I know!

In case you are wondering why your Fathers Day card isn't filled with the usual mushy gushy stuff,

it's because I wrote it here. For all to see. {Sorry...kinda?}

When it's time to write things in cards I always have one of two problems. I either have too much to say and not enough room, or too much room with what feels like, not enough to say.

I figured I could type things out so I can delete & spell check 

so we both aren't embarrassed by spelling kills.

So here we are,

just me thinking about how amazing you are, crying at the computer screen

looking at videos, photos and old notes you've written me {as you know

I still have them!}

I've been in love with you since 7th grade when we first met.

We've grown up together for the last 15 years {holy shit we're OLD!!!}

To think that it all started over me bringing you
 Little Caesars cheese bread at work.

I'm sure you caught on to my antics though,

I did invite myself over to your house rather often. 

I loved sitting at the dinner table talking about what I wanted

to do with myself after high school with your dad.

Did you ever think those conversations would have
lead to this amazing life we have together!

Friends, family & co-workers tell me that I'm a great mother and I agree with them{duh}

I think I'm doing a pretty good job at this thing so far!

But a huge reason why I contribute to being such a good mom
is because of


I don't think you hear it enough 

but you're a damn good father.

Not a morning goes by that I don't thank God for you.

We both know that you keep me level headed {and that's a hard task to do!}

You make putting a swing set together sexy.

You change diapers, cook dinner & tell me how crazy I am

with a smile on your face.

You don't complain about much!

You eat my dinners, 

no matter how burnt, under cooked or bland they are.

When I'm excited you get excited with me.

You love the boys with your whole being.

You're present for everything, no matter how tired you may be.

You make Tracen laugh & Skylor smile.

You are just as weird {if not weirder}
than me!
My love and admiration for you
grows by the day.
You are more than
just the "father"
or the leg holder.

You are
a role model
a lover
a consoler
a friend
a partner.

We were just talking about where the last 5 years have gone
so I made a little reminder where we've spent them.

We love you daddy!!!

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