Freshly Picked Moccasins Review + GIVEAWAY!!!

Every mom has something that they lust for, something that they want for their little one but are on the fence about spending their hard earned cash on. I've been following Freshly Picked for a while now & these moccasins make my heart happy. Ever since I saw Kourtney Kardashian's son wearing them I've had some serious talks with myself on what color I should get.  I've also debated on how I could explain to Jerek that they are worth the $60 or, if I should just order them and hide them in Skylors closet and do the old "these old things? We've had these foreeeevverrr!!!" {sometimes it works, most times it doesn't!}

Lucky for me I was reading my girlfriend Chelsea's {nice name huh} blog and saw she was hosting a giveaway for a pair! I never win anything but figured #YOLO {yup, said it} and entered and kept on reading. I was sitting at work a few weeks ago and got an email and tweet saying "Congrats, you won!" GET THE EFF OUT!!!!! I was SO excited! Not only do I never win things, I never win GOOD things! As much as I wanted to go balls to the wall crazy and get the neon green ones, I had the practical Chelsea on my shoulder {I don't really like her} and decided to get the butterscotch ones instead. They arrived in three days time which is fast in my book!

Skylor has been able to rip socks off his feet since day 1. I have a huge bin full of shoes from Tracen that I've loved and saved for Skylor to wear but nothing like FP mocs. Shoes have been out of the question because I can't keep them on his feet! He's starting to crawl and pull himself up so I know I need to start putting some soft sole shoes on his feet sooner than later. When I ordered my FP mocs, I used the sizing chart that is provided on the website {GENIUS!} Sky is almost in a size 2 according to the chart but I wanted these to be a little big and have him grow into them. I went ahead and ordered a 3 and hoped that I could at least snag some cute pictures of him wearing them before he ripped them off! I was amazed at how great they stayed on his feet even being a size bigger than what he is currently in! They are snug without being tight on his little chunky legs! I'm excited for his feet to grow a little bit more so they fit perfectly.

There are a few things I enjoy coming home to after a long day of work. That being the three blondes that are my boys and the other is shiny boxes from the postman. Last week I got home before all of the boys and found a box waiting there for me. Lonely, sad and just longing to be opened. I was waiting on a few different items but this was the most exciting! Another pair of mocs!

This time I had told that annoying practical Chelsea to buzz off and ordered the color aruba. The color is more vibrant and gorgeous in person than on the website and the website was what lured me in at first! This color can be for girls or boys {regardless of what anyone tells you!}

There are plenty of other moccasins out there that are less expensive but the quality shows right through the price. Susan at Freshly Picked has an amazing story, a phenomenal work ethic and a sensational outlook. So here is where the fun opportunity I was given or rather YOU all were given! Freshly Picked has given me a pair of mocs to giveaway to one of you lucky mama's, aunts, grandma's or brothers sisters girlfriend that has a little mini that would love to rock these puppies! Any color, any size!

The rules are simple and you have more than one opportunity to win! Happy Giveaway Monday!

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