June Goals

{He's such a babe}

It's June 2nd and this month I KNOW where the last 31 days have gone, unlike the last few months! May was filled with baby showers, Mother's day, a long 5 day Memorial day vacation and recently a weekend where I left Jerek at home with the boys (look for a Vlog on Wednesday!)

With May coming to end it's time to put my ass in check and see if I accomplished anything, like that's even a question!

||For everyone wondering, my pink eye went away! 

I had people contacting me telling me I looked like a hot POS, 

or in nicer words, miserable, and to get back to the doc! 

You'll be glad to know all is well on the eyeball home front!||


1| Get Etsy store back up and running by May 15th- FAIL. I have it MOSTLY ready to relaunch but have been too busy with the house, work and family stuff to reopen. I don't like doing things half ass so I don't want this to be that either.

2| Run- I have ran a hand full of time but I've been concentrating my time on my new 12 week workout schedule. If you are interested in purchasing it yourself here is what I'm following. It's been AMAZING and I can actually feel & see it working unlike other workout plans I've done in the past. I'm also changing the way I eat {mostly Monday-Fridays, weekends are just SO. HARD!}

3| Anxiety- while away this past weekend I had time to relax and reflect and I think this past month I've gotten much better with figuring out what works for Tracen and I when he goes ballistic batshit cray cray! I'm sure the tactic that I'm using now won't work next month but the fact is I'M WINNING! His and my anxiety have been 75% better and it's showing! He's been listening SOOO much better and in turn I am able to read him better and understand him, as best as I can!

1| Transfer Blog | Jerek bought my domain space for me for Mother's day {he's seriously a babe, no more blogpost.com for me!} and I have yet to have time to transfer everything! I think I'm also nervous I might F something up! I have 30 days to get this done, I'm sure that can happen right....riiiii.....
2|Nighttime routine| We use to get everything ready the night before for us and the boys so the mornings weren't so bad. What the hell happened?! I need to get things back in line because I'm going mental every morning and not getting to work on time. Talk about stressful!
3|Organize Photos| After this weekend I realized I need to organize my photos. My external hard drive is a hot mess and I'm loosing my mind trying to look for things in there! I can't scrapbook or blog efficiently when things are scattered everywhere and it's driving me nuts.
4|Skylor's birthday| Call me crazy but I need to start planning his birthday party! I know it's TWO months away but I'm sure it will slip my mind if I don't get it done/partially done soon! We have 4 birthdays in July plus my niece is due to arrive in July so there will basically be NO time to plan then!

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