What's in my bag?| Summer Edition

Ever see a girl have a really cute bag and your first thought is I wonder where she got that? Of course, we all do. But ever see a girl have a really cute bag and think I wonder what she has in that thing? Call me weird but I KNOW there are plenty of others that think this as well. Why you ask? Well because there are thousands upon thousands of Youtube videos and blog posts detailing what are in these beautiful bags.

If you lucky enough to work with me and see me, you'll notice I swapped out my normal winter black bag for a new summer bag. It's smaller than my normal winter carryall but this is because I'd like to think I carry less shit with me in these months. But for when I am not at work and lugging around two kids, I have my diaper bag which I just throw my wallet & camera into.

I have been on the hunt for a great off-white bag ever since I saw Cara Lorens post here and this one here . I really shouldn't do white or off-white as I'm clumsy as eff and I have 2 small boys that poop, puke and rub their green buggers on everything. I got real ballsy and said YOLO (I'm annoying, I know) and picked up this bad boy from good old Target. When I saw these, they reminded me of the Michael Kors Mini Hamilton. And when I say reminded me I mean because they are a cross body and mini in size; not because they look alike what so ever! I also had a 20% off accessories coupon so you know your girl had to get on it-



| Cosmetic bag-Target Dollar Spot |
| Beauty Products- Ulta |
| Phone Case -Target |

Camera-{not pictured/using currently}Amazon|

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