But first, let me take a selfie

Selfies have been around forever. 

Yesterday my brother-in-law commented on a photo I posted.
{Disclaimer: we are really good friends, this comment just got me thinking in general!}

To be honest, I'm not quite sure why people are complaining about them? Maybe it's because The Chainsmokers produced a lyrically correct song that portrays the "selfie" picture to a tee. Or maybe it's because some people that complain don't particularly care for a picture of the person that they are choosing to follow. Lucky for me I know my brother in law loves me to pieces and just likes to give me a hard time {or so I like to believe, right Ty, wink wink}

For me, I LIKE taking selfies. I like posting them but I also like editing them to look semi cooler than I really am. Like I could be a photographer or something {sarcasm people.} I also have a whole album in iPhoto called 'Me'. Why? Because I'm a human and when you feel good about yourself you want others to see it too. Because when you mastered a winged eye liner after a bajillion attempts and those bad boys look on point, you want to capture it and you want your whole damn world  followers to see it! Or because when you have had 10 kids and your abs look like Victorias Secret models, you want to brag cause you worked HARD for those abs! {one day Chelsea, one day.}

Back to the comment on the photo. Some people might take a comment like that to heart. Erase the picture and feel really dumb that they even posted it. Since it is family, I'm really not offended by it. In fact, if anyone that follows me commented that, I would still feel the same way.  Realistically my hair is thin and my blow out today took me a long time and it looked amazing {before I got to work}. My lipstick was perfect and it was Friday! I had just dropped the boys off at daycare and looked at myself in the mirror and noticed my dimples, pretty much the only thing that Tracen shares that isn't Jereks. I took a handful of selfies while waiting for my{free, score!} Starbucks and liked this one. BOOM. Edited and posted, easy as that! Why post it, why not just say 'damn, you look good Chelsea' and get on with my drive? Because at 28, I don't love everything about myself or the way I look but I'm proud of the person I am and certain qualities I portray from time to time. This may come across as vein, self centered or egotistical but after two kids one can get down on themselves and their bodies. So what would you rather have, the occasional selfie because I'm really diggin the way I look or some picture of a quote complaining about why can't I just look like Heidi Klum and how life just isn't fair! 

Here are some other selfies that I've posted because

 I enjoyed the way I looked at that moment in time.

{Both were good hair days}

{I was cracked out of Starbucks}

{I drink coffee}

{Getting my hair done && drinking coffee. at the same time, fancy}

{my eyes && lips}

{beverages are good.}

What has this taught me you ask? That I basically like myself when I have a cup of coffee in my hand. Which, if you know anything about me, I'm my happiest with a Starbucks blonde roast, with soy milk and sugar free carmel side by side.

One last one. This was one I posted to glorify the selfie that is bitched about. AKA it was a joke people.
{Note #duckface, #peacesign #selfie}