Gearapalooza- Baby Gear Gone Wild

When you get engaged the first thing you want to do is set a date, start crafts from your Pinterest board and go to a wedding expo. Or at least this is what I'm told because as we've discussed I like to pop out babies instead of planning weddings! Since I was the first one of my friends to have kids I get asked about different products, if I've tried them, do they work or do they really need them. When I get invited to baby showers the first thing I do is check out the registries and see what they are registered for. I'm always tempted to tell them to not buy those Advent bottles because they leak like hell or that you don't need a wipe warmer or 30 baby towels! With babies being the topic of discussion here, and one I know way more about that planning weddings, lets talk about the guy, yes guy, that knows the MOST about babies and baby gear! Did I mention he also doesn't have any kids of his own?

Let me introduce you to Jamie Grayson. You can read his entire back story here and it's worth reading because it's such a great story! Also, check out his Instgram because his nieces & nephews are the cutest, oh and he likes to wine!

I was given the opportunity to attend the Gearapalooza this past weekend that was held in Ann Arbor at Elephant Ears.  Everything I've learned about baby gear has come from personal trial and error and reviews online. I was probably the only one there that was already a mother of two so I was expecting to hear or see a lot that I already knew.  I was completely wrong! I learned more there than I have in the last 4 years of raising kids or being pregnant. I was introduced to new products and the proper way to install a carseat, which by the way, over 80% of people are probably doing it wrong {who knew!} I put together a small video of the venue, the products and vendors that were there along with Jamie speaking his first language, baby gear. Skylor was the most well behaved baby and was probably the only one that didn't cry {biased, my kid rocks!}

Gearapalooza could not have been executed without the wonderful woman behind Bump Club, Lindsay. Please read her story here because I'm sure many moms/moms to be have looked for that place to connect when pregnant, or after, and have no idea where to find it. I know that 4 years ago this was me. Feeling alone and that no one was on the same page as me, I longed for pregnant or other mommy friends! I really encourage all expecting mom's or new mothers to attend a trade show/expo like Gearapalooza. If you aren't able to do so please go and talk to a local baby gear boutique like, Elephant Ears. Knowledge is power and being pregnant is an exciting but scary thing! One that takes time to prepare for but if you do it right you won't be on your fifth stroller, third type of bottles or second carseat because you didn't do your research the first, second time! I clearly need to have another baby just to get it right, Jer you down? {wink wink}

For information for Camp Mommycon or other Gearapalooza's check out Bump Club and if you live in the Chicago area they even have a nanny share board, how amazing is that!

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