July Goals

|LIFE GOAL- never.grow.up.|

June oh june, you were so good to us! People graduated college, we celebrated father's day, a certain boy started taking big craps in the potty and not in a diaper {hint, this is not Jerek} and I took a girls trip up north to a scrapbook bed and breakfast! There were also days where many meltdowns happen and fits were thrown but that is the past and we will not get upset about it any longer!

1| Transfer Blog- I DID IT! And all by myself might I add! I did however, read a bunch of other blog post, watch Youtube videos and reached out to a few fellow bloggers for help. None the less, it got done! BOOM!
2| Nighttime routine-this actually got worse. This summer weather has made us stay up late and just hang out with the boys and relax rather than getting things ready for the next day. I have however, gotten Tracen and Skylor on very structured bedtime routines which is nice, although Tracens bedtime seems to be getting later and later.
3| Organize Photos- I have gotten about half way through my photos, so it's a work in progress lets say! Half way there!
4| Skylor's birthday- Done!!! I created and printed his invites all by myself last week. They are going out in the mail this week and I pretty much have a list of what we need for food and party supplies all ready to go. It's crazy how organized I have this aspect but my laundry can't even get folded for weeks. Priorities people priorities!

With July's goals I wanted to do something different then I have done these past few months. I went back and looked at all my past goal posts {here they are if you want to take a look again- JanuaryFebruaryMarchMayJune-april was rough guys ok!} and picked three goals that I didn't complete or give a good try at and one that is new! So here are the four goals for July!

1. Run- Now since I saw this as a reoccurring goal I set for myself I wanted to make sure it was a goal for July. As I have said before, I signed up to run one of the 5 legs in the Detroit marathon this October. I've been running a little these past few months but I want to get on more of a regular schedule. I've found this 10k training program that a co-worker of mine is doing but for the marathon so I'm going to try and follow this until October!

2. Drink more water- going with the workout theme I want to keep up the water consumption. I find myself very good at drinking 80+oz of water during with the week at work but those weekends are brutal and I somehow manage to consume a lot more wine than water {good or bad depending how you look at it!}

3. Meal Plan- this goes manly for us but along with this idea of meal planning better, hopefully this will get Tracen to try more things and eat what we eat like Skylor does. This will also cut our grocery bill down, at least I'm hopeing.

4. Film more- I've gotten so much great feedback from family and friends liking my blog and vlogs {thanks guys!} that I know I want to produce more. I've posted vlogs {mostly from our weekends} and I've become obsessed with the whole process. A lot of people don't like editing they just want the final product to be done but I on the other hand learn SO much while editing and looking up new ways to configure something into a video. Jerek mentioned that it's awesome to have these everyday memories and without me doing it we wouldn't have them. So I've decided that I want to do a weekly vlog {perhaps this will start on my 28th birthday, hint hint!}. This way I will have 52 videos for the next year to look back to and most likely cry because I'm a baby like that.

So there you have it, three old goals and one new one for July. With this month coming to an end it's been the busiest month of 2014 yet! Hard to believe but we've had so much to do from family gatherings, baby showers, events and opportunities for my blog and my brother has graduated from college. Tracen is now potty trained and Skylor is sleeping through the night. Life. Is. Amazing.

Happy birthday to all the Cancer & Leo babes out there and a special HBD to the following fools:

Amy, myself, Kiki, Uncle Bill, Grandma M, Tom, Renee, Megan, Snydypants, Griffin, Skylor and our newest little niece who is due in a few weeks!

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