Perfect At Home Manicure

"Let me guess, you need to take a picture of that manicure, don't you?'

This is a common thing that is said in my house, mainly, or solely said by Jerek. 

The answer is sometimes always yes. 

'Yes, I need to take a picture so move out of my good lighting!'

If you stalk my Instagram you might get get tired of my nails gracing your little square feed but I will be the first to tell you that I don't get sick of taking the pictures! When you're good at something you want to show it off and well I'm damn good at painting my own nails mmmkk! Back in June when I posted my DIY Nail Polish Rack I talked about how there is a perfect way to do a mani at home without spending the big bucks. Over the past few years I have perfected the at home manicure along with gathering the best tools to do so. {Yes there is such thing as a perfect top coat.} I figured it was time to share my secrets!

    {Don't mind my cuticles, I did them after}             

Now I know that I did not go to beauty school so I'm not claiming I'm the jam but after working in a salon and paying manicurist far too much money over the years, I've learned a thing or two. I only get professional manicures about once maybe twice a year. This is usually when I'm getting a pedicure, they are rubbing my calf's and I'm half asleep not paying attention that I don't think twice when they ask if I want a manicure as well. I am usually slash always disappointed after because they chip within 2-3 days after getting them done. With that being said, let me introduce you to the tools that will help you get your nails ready for polish.


1.Cuticle Nipper- easy to use but takes practice with your opposite hand. Use with the remover and you will have heavenly nail beds!

2. Seche Vite Restore- drop a few drops in your top or base coat when they are getting clumpy and it's like you bought a whole new bottle! I could not live with out this thing! Last F-O-R-E-V-E-R too!

3. Gelous Nail Gel- want gel nails without going to the salon or buying a cheap UV light at home, BUY THIS STUFF MEOW! I promise, you will NOT be disappointed! I use in-between my two coats of color and this stuff works! It gives you the thickness of gel nails without having to use a light!

4. Seche Vite Base Coat- best base coat around. I've tried at least 15 different ones raining in price and this is the jam folks. It clings to your nail and your nail polish clings to it!

5. Cuticle Remover- I've never tried any other brand because I never thought I could do my own cuticle. After buying this and the nipper (mentioned above) I now feel confident in myself to clean up my cuticles. This stuff softens and safely removes them. A must in my book.

6. Seche Vite Top Coat- If you are a mom, a student, a person who works, who breathes and who is alive you NEED THIS top coat. It is a game changer! It dries within 45 seconds and leaves a beautiful shiny finish. I'm on my third bottle of this! TIP: once you get about half way through with this it starts to get sticky. I normally would toss a top coat when this happens, but with owning the Seche Vite Restore, I pop a couple drops of that in, shake it up and its like new! AMAZEBALLS!!!

One other item I recommend having on hand is coconut oil. That shit can be used for everything! It's great on the bottoms of your feet, your hands and cuticles as well. Trader Joe's has a big tub of it for like $6. I lather that stuff on the ends of my hair, my feet and my hands all at once sometimes!

Now that I've told you all the tools I use, I've decided what better way to encourage at home mani's and growing your nail polish collection than with a giveaway! Since this is my birthday month (July 8th) I wanted to share something that I enjoy doing. The giveaway will be open for one week and will include the following items below. The colors chosen are ones I wear a lot through out the year. {can you tell I like Sally Hanson.}

|Four polishes|

{COLORS: Prelude to a kiss, Pucker Up, Pacific Blue, Jade Jump}

|Seche Vita top coat|

|Medium grade nail file|

All information is below for more than one way to enter 

and the winner will be picked & notified on Wednesday the 23rd!

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