Weekend Recap

The weekend is over? Sky turns one next week? Where the hell did the summer already go!
We didn't really have any crazy plans this past weekend except we needed to start getting the house ready for Skylor's birthday party this comming Sunday. Most of our family hasn't seen our house since we moved so his party will be a 2in1 kinda deal!

{how cute are they!}

FRIDAY|  We got home from work and opted for some flat bread pizza and beers in the living room with the boys for our standard Pizza Party Friday routine. That was literally all we did! #relaxmode

SATURDAY| We were kicked out of our bed yet again by the little ones so we got everyone up and started the day with some good old bucks of star. Jerek did a ton of yard work in preparation for the 50+ people we are having over next week. While the boys napped and Jerek slaved away, I filmed and edited a fun summer look book that is on my Youtube channel {also shown below.} I really need to get out of the house more because I have a room full of clothes that are begging me to wear them {psst Jer, date night hint!} We then went over to Jerek's sister to meet our brand spanking new niece that was born on the 16th and has more hair than both my children combined. {Not jealous or anything.}


SUNDAY| Our bed was taken over yet again by these two little blondes so we didn't get much sleep. We threw some slippers on and headed over to the green mermaid lady that serves caffeine, she's just the best ya know! We got the boys ready for Jerek's sister and brother in law that were picking them up for a day date to Detroit on the river walk while we attempted to preform this "great" idea {redo our kitchen cabinets.} Please note, the fact that I'm trying to redo a kitchen 7 days before a big party at my house is a jacked up idea to begin with! I don't know who I really think I am!The idea: Refinish/stain the kitchen cabinets. There will be a whole post coming on this topic later this week but in short, I don't admit I'm over my head or that I'm wrong much but when I do I'm really wrong! Lets just say I told Jerek he was right, a lot today!

This weekend went by fast and although I didn't think we had many plans or did much we actually did! Another weekend for the books with my favorite boys. Time to go back to work, but only for four days, Friday I will be spending the whole day at home cleaning, baking and preparing for Sunday! {Cue I-can't-believe-sky's-one-tears!}

Hope you guys enjoy the video! Happy Monday!

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