A Day in the Life in Pictures

I'm not really sure how to start this off other than I work full-time and I'm not a SAHM. Before you start assessing this in your head about me using the SAHM phrase this isn't a 'why I'm a better mom because I leave my house to work' or a 'why SAHM's are better because they are with their kids all day watching them instead of someone else' post. This is a 'I used two vacation days from work and one of the days I took pictures of everything we did' post. A fun one, not one that debates why one type of parent is "better" than the other because I honestly think both rule! Lord knows I could NEVER stay at home full-time, I would honestly go insane and I commend all you full-time SAHM!!!

Moving on to the point of this post. I've seen these 'day in the life posts with pictures' so I figured, you've seen our daily shenanigans on my Youtube channel and figured why not via photos this time; you know, spice things up. Realistically these photos aren't something you'll find in a magazine or ones that I would take 500 of to capture the best lighting of a product because this post is not a review of something. These are taken with my iPhone.  It's not a photo shoot of the boys where I put them in white and hope they don't ruin their clothes. These are plain, real, everyday photos where I don't put a bra on till 2pm and I let my kids watch TV while I drink my first third cup of coffee and relax on the couch. Yea those kind.

Let's Get Started Shall We!

We have a king size bed and this kid takes up about 70% of it. {He's laying horizontal in case you're wondering.} I got up and out of bed to go downstairs and do a little work on
computer before they woke up.

Hot, what can I say.

B R E A K F A S T: My favorite coffee at the moment & yogurt with a granola mix

and he's up

Milk & fruit while he watches a show. The ONLY way the kid will be semi nice in the morning!

"helping mumma work"

Time to make breakfast. If you have kids, add food coloring to pancake mix! Both kids are OBSESSED with the multi-colored pancakes!

Sky is still sleeping {crazy!} so I take care of the dishes, bottles and laundry.

Whoever gave Tracen Play-dough for his birthday, you can have it back! This shit is all over my seats, rug and floor. However, it kept him busy for an hour!

He's up!!! And so so happy! He's been sleeping for 13+ hours lately and it is AMAZING!!!

Dressed and chowing down on pancakes

Time for tea and down to the basement for some dress up and I attempt more laundry.

Lunch. Yes my kids eat a lot of macaroni. I try to buy organic so I feel better about the 10 boxes in my cart. They also eat a TON of fruit, so it balances out, right? righhh.....

I then turn my back for a second and it's all over the floor because I forget how tall Skylor is

Sky goes down for a nap and I took a shower which Tracen then stripped down and climbed in with me. He's obsessed with shaving cream and the kid probably needed a shower...

After 2 hours of Sky sleeping and Tracen BEGGING to go see his friends, we're off.

Spent some time with miss Mia!

We head home and Jer is home from work. Look in the fridge and make some grub. Pork loin and roasted green beans and sweet potatoes.

Tracen calls this "making his playground". We usually get really annoyed that he takes our whole couch apart but I'm exhausted and I sit and watch while he has fun and I paint my nails. I need a moment to myself so and no one broke a bone so it's all good.

After some books and snuggles he's finally out. {For a few hours till he climbs in our bed}

We get ready for bed and watch a DVR'd show or two and it's time to pass out.

This is some what of a normal day when I'm at home with the boys and not at work. There are plenty of other things that happen through out the day, like meltdowns, poops in the potty, work on my computer, naps that are not taken, did I say meltdowns? There's laughing and yelling and crying and the "that's mine" screams and the "take a deep breath because that's not how we talk" talks. These days can be long but I really do love being at home, I just wish I could split my time at work and home in half but such is life and we have a mortgage to pay!