August Goals + Oh Hey Friday Link up

July is sadly gone, I'm a year older and Skylor turned one. August is here but it's Friday so you get two for the price of one today{BONUS!} August goals with a side of a Friday link up with Karli and Amy.

Per usual, lets take a look at my July goals and how I did..yikes! If you remember I was taking 3 goals from the past 6 months that I needed to work on and one new goal for a total of four goals this past month.

1. Run- Failed. Horribly might I add! With all the birthdays & fun plans in July I think I went ONCE. Yea, once. I officially have 10 weeks till the marathon {don't worry, I'm only running 6.4 miles} but I need to get my ass in gear, and fast!!!

2. Drink more water- Semi completed. I'm drinking 'more' but not as much as I'd like to be drinking.

3. Meal Plan- One weekend we ate out for EVERY.SINGLE.MEAL. So that's how that went. {barf}

4. Film more- SUCCESS! I've been on a roll, the only thing is I need to do is upgrade my air to a pro because I have ZERO storage space and I'm always hooked up to my external drive dropping things off or importing things and it takes up a lot of my work time. I also want to get Final Cut Pro because I'm annoyed with iMovie already #thestruggle

Moving on to August goals, I will be doing FIVE this month in honor of this Friday's link up, hopefully I can accomplish one or all, we shall see!

{Life of a toddler grocery shopping}

1. Finish Kayla Itsines workout- I started this weeks ago and was doing great! And then Forth of July came around and I was eating more fried food and drinking more beer than I knew what to do with myself! I had 5 weeks to go so I'm forcing myself to do this so I show you my "after" pictures because the "before" pictures are still haunting me {gah}

2. Family Pictures/Skylor 1 year pictures- Skylor turned one and we've been a family of four for 365 days now. We do have pictures of us four but I want profess pictures. Like in fields, with flowers, laughter, smiles, the whole thing! Stay tuned and hopefully this happens because I never did newborn pictures of Sky and soon he's going to 18 and I'll be..old and that will be that.

3. Bike Rides- We got a bike seat for Sky for his birthday this year and we need to mount it still. We use to go on family bike rides with Tracen the past two summer's with the bike trailer and Trace loved it. I want to get back in the habit of going because soon it'll be winter and everyone will be posting annoying Facebook status's of how they can't wait till it's summer and we will all be locked up inside going bonkers with toddlers. #dreadingwinter

4. Run- Again, this must be a goal! This will also help with goal #1. Or so I think it will...

5. No booze- Yup, I said it. I'm not going to have any booze for the month of August. Now that all the birthdays and July holidays are over, August needs to be a month where I get back on track. Dare I say that working out won't be nearly as hard as not having a glass of wine after the boys go to bed. I know SO many people that are pregnant between family and friends right now I might just pretend I am so I can not drink with them. This might help? Probably not though.

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Happy pizza party Friday friends!