Beach Day with Orbit

Michigan summers are worth writing about. Michigan winters blow. majorly.  The only time they are talked about are when no one wants to go to school/work and wishes for snow days. Sadly I'm no longer in school so all I have to talk about is how glorious summer is. I realize that this summer hasn't been that great to be honest. There's only been a handful of nice, hot days unfortunately. 

Sundays are usually spent doing laundry, cleaning and Jerek complaining he's bored. Well instead of doing boring things, i.e: see above, Jerek suggested the beach. I then started singing the infamous 'lets go to the beach beach lets go get away' song and it was decided. WE WERE OFF! 

Last time we went to Port Huron the beach was small, packed and pretty rocky. This time Jer suggested that we go to Lake St. Clair Metropark, it was about half the distance than Port Huron was and let me tell you, it was 100 times better in terms of, EVERYTHING.  The beach was smooth, the land was clean, there was TONS of parking, places to lay, sit and space to play. There was an Olympic size swimming pool with water slides and a big splash pad which both boys loved. There were tons of bikers, roller bladders and walkers. You can rent paddle boards {which I'm dying to do next time!} and there is also a boat launch. We will totally be going back a few more times before the weather leaves us! 

Going to the beach with two small children is never an easy task as there is so much crap you need to lug with you! With Skylor growing out of his infant carrier and into a big boy carseat, I've been obsessed with my Orbit G3 stroller. We decided to bring both the G3 and our light weight Summer Infant 3Dlite. We've had our 3Dlite for a while now and it's a nice little fold up stroller but it has almost zero storage and did not do well pushing across the sand or grass. We basically brought it so Trace had somewhere to sit his buns down when he needed to. 

The G3 on the other hand was a BREEZE to push through sand and grass. It acted as a high chair for Sky when we were eating with it's 360 degree turn capability it fit right up to the picnic table.  It was a cot for when he was tired and needed some quite time out of the sun. It also fits any size Starbucks cup, just in case that is ever a question {Yes, it ran through my head!}

To see the stroller or us in action you can check out the vlog from Sunday up on my Youtube page. I wish we could spend every weekend at the beach but the summer is short and we are a busy family!

 Side note: I do not promote frying like a tomato as skin cancer runs in my family. I simply freaking forgot and now have lame tan lines and a sunburn, nice one Chelsea.

I'm a brand ambassador for Orbit Baby and all opinions are my own