Dining Room Remodel

When we first walked through our house all my eyes saw was DIY and remodel projects. As I've stated before in my half bath remodel, it was an older couple moving to Florida to retire and live life on the beach. The house was covered head to toe, wall to wall and ceiling to ceiling in semi-gloss paint. The colors were not anything we wanted to keep and there were chandlers everywhere you looked.

Before I start listing off everything we used, paint colors and where we bought things I think you should know that having a dining room was #1 on our must haves, besides 3 beds and a place to poo. The reason being, we ate every meal on our coffee table in our rental house for almost 4 years. When we originally signed our 2 year lease we figured Trace would be in a highchair till then and it would be NBD for us to eat there. Well fast forward 3.5 years and we still hadn't moved, we couldn't have people over for dinner and the table was getting small for two adults and a busy toddler. Not only did we have three people eating around it but we had a newborn and we were out growing the house and fast!

Back to the time when we were walking through the house. When I saw the dining room I was elated! Then we walked into the kitchen and I also saw a spot for an eat in kitchen table! I had dreams of booth seating like this and this. After a few months we realized that it was going to take some time to find or make the perfect booth with table and chairs and that it was more realistic to get the dining room set up instead. Most people would call this a 'formal' dining room but there is nothing formal about me so there sure as hell will not be a room in our house that we are only in for holidays and special occasions.

First things first, that baskin robins mint ice cream wall color has gots to go! We knew that we wanted to do an accent wall {I'm secretly or not so secretly obsessed with them} So I had Jerek run to Sherwin Williams to get the white that we needed so we could start on the walls and ceilings and figured we'd talk colors over dinner. Well Jer called me while at the store and said "What do you think about purple? Well actually it's called Exclusive Plum and it's the color of the year." I have to admit, my jaw dropped. Did he just say he wanted to paint the dining room wall purple?? I googled the color on my phone while he was talking and fell in love just like that! It was rich and bold but not too bold and not a color that I felt would go out of style next year. I told him yes and he arrived home soon after. I also told him that I would give him a major shot out in here and let you all know that HE was the one behind the color picking and I actually had nothing to do with it! So here you go Jer, props to you my love!

{still looking for a large art pierce for this wall}

{sneak peak of the kitchen cabinets to your right, post to come} 

- Table- {BJURSTA}-IKEA (has a large leaf that comes with, when in, seats 10 people comfortably)
- Chairs- {BÖRJE}-IKEA
- Seat covers {chairs some with white but we bought Skiftebo beige- east to remove and wash as well!}-IKEA
- Light- {NYMÖ}-IKEA
- Table runner- {burlap}-Target
- Center piece-Garden Ridge
- Curtains- {chain link print- 84 inches}Home Goods
-Curtain rod- Home Goods
- Paint- Exclusive Plum {SW 6263} Sherwin Williams

We hung the curtains all the way to the ceiling to give the illusion that we have some huge mamajama window in there, when really it's some odd shape that I can't find anything that fits and don't have time to sew any either. So I did a good old Pinterest search and found tons of these small windows with 84-96" curtains hung. I saddled up and went to Home Goods looking for this link print {in a cream color} but fell in love with the carmel color you see here.

Remember when you would lean back in your chair at dinner and your mom would tell you to stop because you were either going to break the chair or fall on your ass? Well Jerek still doesn't listen and did just that, minus the falling {dammit!} We are still using the chair, he's being more careful and when we can we will venture to Ikea for a new one as well as two more to keep in storage for when we host {Ek, I can't wait!}

-crown molding
-rip carpet out
-install new floor/refinish hardwood under carpet
-new molding
-artwork on wall

Everything seems to have come together nicely and we spend a lot of time around this table talking and laughing, something that was SUPER important to me. Growing up my family ALWAYS ate diner around the dining room table together and it's something I'm forcing upon my kids. Time spent talking with kids about their days, their problems or their funny stories are times when kids can hopefully open up to their parents and this is something I can not stress enough is very important to Jerek and I. We usually go around and say what our highs and lows are for the day, Tracen asks if he's eaten enough and can have nilla {vanilla} ice cream yet and Ducati eats Skylor's scraps that he drops purposely throws down under his seat. I never take this table/room for granted and you can find me on my computer editing pictures or writing posts here as well. I just love how it looks into the front living room as well as into the kitchen and back family room. It is truly one of my favorite rooms in the house.

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