Family Photos

On Wednesday I raved about Jenny, who happens to be a really close friend of ours, Tracen's future mother-in-law and our photographer that shot our first family photos. I hate to admit but I had Tracen's newborn photos done at 5 weeks old and have yet to have any professional pictures taken of him, us or Skylor #momfail. I guess because I rock that selfie scene and am constantly taking photos and videos  of the boys, that professional ones were just never on my radar of wanting or needing. It's only been a recent thing that I became obsessed with the fact that we needed to get these done. That and it was one of my September goals {BOOM, ACCOMPLISHED YO!}

Last Sunday we were blessed with the most amazing weather and headed to Crankbrook. My biggest concern was the fact that the weather gods better hold off raining till we were done! And to make sure that Trey and Sky didn't have a black eye or jacked up face {my boys are VERY clumsy!}
It's safe to say that holding off and waiting till it was fall was THE best idea I Jeni had. The weather was AMAZING, the scenery was on fleck {oh yeah, said it} and the boys were pretty well behaved, Jerek included.

Before you scroll down I want to share something with you that is so amazing, I want to book another session with Jenny just to score this deal! Jenny is offering the first 10 people that book with her and mention East Willow Grove will get $25 off a mini sessions ($75) or $50 off a standard session ($150). I know, I know, that's an amazing deal and it won't last long, I promise you that! After you stare at my beautiful family, you can head over to her Facebook page  or her website for pricing, contact info and check out all her other amazing work! And if you like what you see below, go to Cranbrook! There were so many other spots we could have shot at but with two crazed children we needed to get back home.

>>Without further adieu, here are my boys, the pieces to my puzzle<<

I mentioned this yesterday but if you want to get the curling wand that I use to do my hair above {and any other time you've seen my hair like this!} Nume is having a MEGA promotion but only for 4 days{ending Tuesday!} The curling wand is normally $169 {don't worry, I didn't pay that either!} but using the code INSTA28 at checkout you get it for $28! NO, you did not read that wrong! I even bought myself another one to have as back up because it was so cheap! You can score this deal on any of the "classic" wands { 13mm19mm, 25mm, 32mm & reverse wand } I personally use the 19mm and my hair holds the curl SO well!

Between the curling wand and Jenny you will basically have your glamor shots for Christmas cards all done thanks to me! Just make sure you send me one, I love getting snail mail.

H A P P Y  S A T U R D A Y!

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