Favorite Fall Nail Polishes

I think I've expressed my love for fall about a bajillion times already and it's only September 8th. Living in Michigan we really get to experience the four seasons. The only debate is how long these seasons last. Winter basically lasts about 8 months and that then leaves us with 4 months to squeeze in three other seasons. {LAMEE!} If Michigan actually had four seasons spanning three months each, I would probably never complain about the weather or living here. No, I probably would. but that's not the point.

Moving on! I've mentioned in my at home manicure post that 99.9% of the time I am doing my own manicures and that I rarely get them done in a salon. With fall steadily approaching, I can't help but get excited to bust out my favorite plums, deep forest greens and cozy gray nail polishes! While it is still transitioning from summer into fall I try to not just bolt to the black and still keep it fun. Here are four of my favorite fall nail polishes at the moment. Remember though, these will get even deeper and darker once the cold really sets in. And when the holiday's start, my nails get real festive! If you like seeing nail post, I do tend to upload these to my Instagram. I also just made a short video on my YouTube channel that you can see the colors on my actual nails. AND if that wasn't enough and you are in a DIY mood, I have my DIY nail polish rack posted as well! 

My last request, leave me a comment of some new colors to check out! I'm always on the hunt for new fall/winter colors!