Favorite Posts + oh hey Friday

September is my birthday month! 

"but I thought July was?" is what most of you are probably thinking?

This is true, I was born in July, the 8th to be exact.

But September IS East Willow Grove's birth month! 

I had been reading blogs for years before I was pregnant and started throwing around the idea of starting this little guy. It took months of coming up with a name that I liked and wasn't taken across all social media platforms. I looked at different designs daily before I finally took the plunge. September 25th 2013 was my first post I had written and published on here. This month I will be celebrating in true form, ALL MONTH LONG! There will be more posts to come such as "how I named my blog", "a year in blog review" and a big giveaway! For today though, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts that either I enjoyed writing, or that have been extremely popular among the readers.

Since it's Friday, it's only fitting that I'll be linking up with THE one and only Karli & Amy for Oh Hey Friday! If you missed my guest post over on Karli's page last week here it is again!

Here we go!

1. My Hairdresser Hates Me- This is in my top 10 for most read. Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2 coming in the next week or so where I give you all the tips, tricks and secrets for my long and luscious blonde locks! Shot out to my girl Jamie, YOU DA BEST BOO!

2.Make Time For You- This is in my top 10 for most read and I really enjoyed writing it. So many days we are caught up in motherly duties that brushing your teeth can be forgotten {yup, I said it!} I love my kids but remembering to take time for yourself everyday can be life changing!

3.A Day In The Life In Pictures- This wasn't one of the most popular posts from this year but I love reading these from other bloggers so I had fun doing it for myself! Maybe next time I'll do one when I am at work next time.

4.What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self- This was also in my top 10 for most read. I enjoyed writing this one so much because I went back in my archive of photos and went down memory lane for the last 10 years! It is also my most read post with over 1000 page views, pretty cool if you ask me!

5.Iggy Azalea Inspired Makeup Look- A popular read but I'm pretty sure I had the most fun doing my makeup, taking the photos, editing and trying to get the right look down. There will be more makeup and beauty posts to come this month and the rest of the year so keep your eyes open for those too!

Narrowing it down to 5 was hard believe it or not! Especially with one of my favorite posts to write was my guest post on Karli's blog. I decided to leave it out of my top 5 here since it wasn't technically posted on EWG. Trying to tell your story to thousands of strangers in one blog post is hard but so fun! I've discovered some amazing new online friends because of it {so corny, I know, but so true!}

Are there other posts that you enjoyed reading of mine that maybe I've totally forgotten about?

As always, Happy Friday! You know where I'll be tonight, Face deep in a pizza box with my three blonde haired boys, uhh get some! K, I'll stop now >_<