Happy Birthday East Willow Grove- A Year in Review

Happy First Birthday East Willow Grove!

As promised the winner for the giveaway posted last week is Rondah St!
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A year ago I was home with a newborn and two and half year old, longing to do something else than wipe ass and pump my boobs. I was lucky enough to be on a paid maternity leave and in between the meltdowns and night feedings I managed to come up with this crazy idea to start blogging our life.  Knowing that Jerek might be the only one who would read it I decided to do it anyway. I headed back to work 8 weeks after giving birth with Skylor and continued to blog but didn't tell anyone. I'm not sure why it took me so long to tell people I was blogging but it did. I started letting family and friends in and was blown away at all the positive comments. It was nice knowing that someone other than Jerek was reading it and enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. I felt happy knowing that family and friends far away could keep up with our lives just as if they were nearby.

As the months have flown by I've connected with other bloggers, written guest posts, learned HTML coding along with better photo and video editing.  I've also Googled everything under the sun if I had a question on how to do something. I can honestly say that I have probably self taught/discovered 90% of all things that go into this blog and my YouTube channel. I transferred my site over from blogpsot to my personal website and I've even been able to answer other people's questions blogging and video editing related. Sometimes I have people bringing up a post that they read while in conversation and it's really cool feeling. I have other friends/mothers, telling me that I'm not alone and their kids are acting the same way. It's comforting knowing that you're not alone in this crazy journey of life. And that's why I do it, I not only blog and vlog to document our life for our family to reflect on but for others to know that I'm right there with them. That I'm loving that new OPI nail polish too, I'm failing at Pinterst projects and I'm right there with them, crying in the bathroom because my kids won't sleep and are driving me insane.

I started East Willow Grove as a baby book, a home remodel diary, a family photo album and a personal journal. Life can be stressful, exciting and scary, writing or filming it just makes sense to me. It has helped me over come feelings of struggle as a mother when times are tough, it's also made me realize just how amazing life is in the most simplest form. To laugh when shit just does not go right and to smile as we grow as a family

It's been a crazy year full of family time, weekend play dates, late night editing and amazing opportunities with companies and other bloggers. I've made some really great connections with girls across the country as well as locally. You can find some of my favorite posts here and here from this past year. These last 12 months have been great and I'm excited to see what the next 12 bring!

A big thank you to everyone who has read one post or every post. Who leaves comments, tweets, or messages, I read them all! Thank you to Jer for putting up with my crazy antics and understanding that pictures and video footage are important to me no matter how psycho I sound sometimes!

And don't worry, these are low fat blueberry muffins and not cupcakes, that marathon is T-minus 3 weeks yo! {I did however make homemade frosting and put fall sprinkles on them. Yes, I own fall sprinkles.}

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