Hump Day Confessions

Two weeks have past which means Trace has gone to preschool 4 days so far and I'm here to report. Just like everyone said, 'it will get better.'

and it has.

It's odd how that works, people tell you something and they end up being right, for now at least. Until the next obstacle emerges and I'm crying to the internet for help, reassurance, proof that it will get better. I never ask for it to be easier, that's just so unrealistic and we all know I'm trying to keep it real here folks! All in all he is still a little stressed the night before but we {both of us} are not crying at drop off and he actually is helping his friend in his big boy room be brave and they color together in the morning. I seriously am smiling ear to ear when I leave because he's being so sweet and brave!

These last few weeks we haven't had much planned but we've done a lot. I started getting everything together for the Mom2Mom that my girlfriend and I are working this Saturday. I'm going through everything we have and selling anything I'm not 100% in love with or think we will need in the future (if) we are lucky enough to have another. I say this because having children is not easy for everyone and "deciding" when/how you want to have them isn't just that easy. I will have a whole video next week on the M2M if you haven't been to one before as they are for the crazy's. No really, you have to be nuts to go to them but scoring fabulous deals is something I'm all about so ya know, I put my crazy mother F hat on and get on in there with a big bag and some green paperbacks.

Speaking of my girlfriend that is doing the M2M with me, she is also my photographer! I realize that sounds weird, like I own her, it just sounds fancy right! no Chelsea, no.

This past weekend we had our first family of four photos taken. Yes you read that right. Sky is almost 14 months old and this was the first time someone other than myself in selfie mode was taking pictures of us. I hate to brag but we all look really good! I mean, I planned the outfits and did my hair and makeup and I made those boys, and I guess you can say Jerek helped. Really the person who should be noted is Jenny. She is the star here. Capturing moments of smiles and laughter on such a beautiful fall day it was literally {for you mom!} PERFECT. This was just a taste of the amazing photos Jeni took and I will have more up this weekend so look for that!

You'll probably notice how great my hair looks in the photos too right? Well it does and if Youtube would ever upload my vlog from this past weekend you would see I got it colored and cut {3 inches off}. My hairdresser, Jamie is also due with her first little one {a boy!} on Tracen's birthday! I'm secretly wishing she has him then and we can bitch and moan together about how annoying Christmas birthday's are.

Tomorrow the winner of my one year of blogging will be announced and I will be eating cupcakes to celebrate. Yup, sure will, any reason to celebrate and eat cake is good enough for me!

Hope you all are having a great week, happy hump dayyyyyy!