Skylor 14 month Update

{No more monthly onesies, now what do we do?!}

WEIGHT: 21 lbs

SLEEPING: Sky is either sleeping 12+ hours or he's been waking up and crying 3-5 times a night and we end up rocking him back to sleep and doing it every few hours. It's either amazing or exhausting!

EATING: Everything.  Literally, EVERYTHING! Sky will follow Trey around eating his scraps!

FAVORITE MOMENTS: His laugh! His laugh is deep in his belly and is constantly smiling and laughing at everything we do or say! Capturing it on video is my favorite!

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: Crawling does a number on babies knees and Sky's are so sore., you can see it in his eyes. He will stop and sit there to cry and reach for us to pick him up because he just can't get to where he wants to be fast enough

FIRSTS: Sky is walking but prefers to crawl since he can get places faster. He finally started doing the hand motion for 'more' in sign language! Tracen did it {I think at a younger age?} and we've been working with Sky on it! He always shakes his head 'no' when he has had enough to eat or is done with his bubba so this was great to see he's starting to pic up some signs! He's also waving hi/bye and if I catch him on a really good day and ask for a kiss, I get a big, wet, open mouth one, the only kind I like!

LIFE CURRENTLY : Is fun but busy! It's getting more stressful in the sense that he's so mobil he doesn't want us to hold him, but then his knees hurt and wants to be held, but put down, but held, it's a vicious cycle really! He's also getting into EVERYTHING!!! If he is on his way to the dog dish and you say "Sky no no" he will look at you, smile and crawl as FAST AS HE CAN THERE and laugh hysterically because he knows he shouldn't be in it! This goes along with the toilet bowl and trash can as well. We've been baby proofing more areas but he is unstoppable it seems! Sky still follows Trey around like a shadow and some days he doesn't even notice, but there are times where you catch him with no nap and a sassy attitude and he will push Sky over. This causes all hell to break loose from both of them and I don't know who to console or scold first. Fall is here and in full swing! We got our family pictures taken and they are ABSOLUTELY amazing! My girlfriend Jenny, who is the photographer, is having an exclusive promo for the first 10 people who book with her and mention East Willow Grove. Take a look here for more details! I'm looking forward to my girl friend from California coming into town soon and our mini vacation we have planned to go to the DC/Virginia area in two weeks to visit family! I honestly can't WAIT to leave and be in a car with kids for 8+ hours. I sound crazy right? I am, I really am. But that is how bad I need a vacation!

If you need me, I'll be running for the next 21 days straight. The marathon is only a short 3 weeks away and I'll let you guess as to HOW not prepared prepared I am....