Halloween Throwback

Hope ya'll are ready for some throwbacks cause this is getting reallllll serious!

Since I was a little girl my mom ALWAYS made our costumes. It was tradition that we would load up in the caravan and head to Joanne Fabrics and look at the patterns for hours trying to find the best costume for that year. I don't think I even knew that you could buy Halloween costumes because my mom always made ours. Looking back I realized how cool and amazing my mom was and I bet all the other moms were jealous when I said my mom made my costume. I know now I would be at least!

High school came and I veered off the trick-or-treating days. Never you fear, along came college and Halloween was back ON! One day in college I was talking to my mom and she asked what my Halloween plans were and if I was dressing up. I told her I wanted to be a flapper and would figure something out. I don't really remember the full on conversation but I went home a few weeks later and BOOM, a hand made flapper costume was made and ready for me to wear. {I'm sparing you pictures of the party I was at because I most likely had the most clothes on >_<

The next year I decided I was going to make my own. I had Amy Winehouse on my brain and I did Amy the best I could. {I had a ball of yard under the top of my hair in case you were wondering how that poof was so big!}Also notice how freaking skinny I was! #toobeyoungagain

Graduation happen and although we weren't in college any longer my girlfriend and I decided we wanted to dress up and go out. She was Kat Von D {I did her tattoos thank you very much!} and I was Betty Boop! I'm not sure if my mom heard me talking on the phone or if I told her that I wanted to be Betty Boop but home girl made it happen and made me the dress and I did my hair {faux bob} and makeup. People at the bar actually guessed correctly too! This is always important, you never want people looking at you with that 'what the eff is she' look on their face.

Next year I was 7 months pregnant and I knew exactly what I wanted to be. My only issue was I had to convince Jerek to do the couples costume with me. My mom and I went thrifting at a few different Salvation army stores looking for everything. This way I could present Jerek with his entire outfit and therefore couldn't say no right? RIGHT! It took a few weeks because lord, those shorts were pretty short but he made it happen! Insert Juno and Paulie. We went to a bar with our friends trying to win a Halloween contest and although we didn't win {it was rigged!} I danced my bump off! {Get it, I'm so funny.} Seriously though, people were asking me if the bump was real in the bathroom, which I then would lift up my shirt and say yup! That year stanky leg was real annoying popular and I think it's safe to say that my dance moves get better the more pregnant I am. JUST SAYIN!

All you mama's sitting there thinking 'ugh, Halloween is a few weeks away, I really don't feel like doing out and being around all those drunk annoying people.'  Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you should stay home and wallow in your 50 lb weight gain, eat all the candy that was meant for the neighbor kids and complain because all your non-pregnant friends are out having fun. Find something fun to do! As soon as you know it you'll be buying bee and duck costumes and hoping the only orange shirt you have fits over your not so perfect body anymore. Not to say it's a bad thing but do something, you will make memories that you can look back on! Plus it's one night and the people watching is OUT.OF.THIS.WORLDDDDDDD!

While I don't think I can convince my mom to make me a costume this year Jerek has taken the que from my mom and last year Tracen said he wanted to be a red race car. And a red race car he was! With working head lights I might add! Stay tuned for this years costumes with two little toe heads.

Happy Thursday!