October Goals

The word October just makes me smile. One of my favorite things to do is rip off calendar sheets. No really, Elyse and I ask each other the day before 'Did you rip it yet? Are you waiting till you come in tomorrow and doing it?' Important questions folks. Call me crazy but there's nothing like a fresh calendar with endless possibilities just staring at you square in the face!  Since September is over and October is here, I don't feel as guilty talking about how basic I am by drinking a #PSL. Or how I'll be wearing leggings and boots {E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.} Or how I've already gone through my fall candles from BBW that I purchased. I don't feel bad about any of this because, you ready for this,
I COMPLETED ALL MY SEPTEMBER GOALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-- yes these were needed.

Let's recap!

1. Sign up for mom2mom sale/have garage sale- If you haven't watched my mom2mom video here you will know that I made $165, boom! I also recently sold some more baby items on a mommy Facebook group I'm on and we sold two of Jereks motorcycle jackets that were collecting dust. I also sent a bag full of goodies to ThredUp and am waiting to see what sold. Whatever didn't will be donated to charity, so basically, I ROCKED THIS GOAL!!!

2. Meal Plan- Every week we sat down and figured out 5 meals for the week. We always have pizza party Friday, so we don't need to plan for that and we usually go to Jerek's parents for family dinner on Sunday's so we didn't need to plan for that either. I'm happy to report we planned out meals and ONLY spent $100 every week at the grocery store this month. GOAL COMPLETED!!!

3. Paint living room- If you follow me on Instagram, yo will have seen the paint swatch I hinted at for the living room. I'm holding off showing you a picture of the living room because it's not complete. To be honest it's not decorated what so ever and 99% of the time it has a shit ton of toys, half drank bubbas and dirty socks all over the place. SO, maybe once we hang some family photos, artwork and mount the TV you will get a full post on it; just like I have done with the other rooms in the house. Regardless, it's painted folks! COMPLETE!

There you have it, I did it! Want to know what I didn't do in September...bet you can guess...RUN. Every night I find some excuse as to why I can't run. I'm too full, I have a full beer I need to finish. I'm writing a blog post. Editing a video. The dishes need me. The laundry needs me. The couch, blankets and ice cream need me. I need them. Honestly I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I need to step up my game because we have T-18 days till the Detroit marathon and I didn't pay $60 to walk around Detroit {I could have gone to the bar instead.}

1. Crock pot meals {once a week, no repeats}- With the cold weather coming I want to make sure we make a crock pot meals once a week. Not only is it amazing to come home to that glorious smell but the meal is all ready for you with nothing left to do but eat but it! This makes it easier to unwind sooner and not be so rushed for the nighttime/bedtime routine.

2. Decorate Living Room- Since we just painted it and took family photos, I want to start decorating and really finish this room!

3. Finish bedroom- yes, another unfinished room in the house. There isn't much left to do here but we need to finish the painting around the closet {we still have painters tape up!} and figure out a few more decorations for table under the TV and maybe a throw pillow, or 10. Kidding Jerek.

4. Turn the TV off at dinner- Simple right? But we've had a bad habit of leaving it on in the other room while we eat and this has Trey getting up all the time going to 'check it out real quick'. I want this to end because it's really distracting him from eating.

I have to say October is my favorite month of all time! The weather is to die for! The leaves, the decorations, the colors, the boots, the beanies, the list really goes on about how great it is, in Michigan at least! Happy cider drinking, donut eating, marathon running, pumpkin patch going, PSL drinking October guys!!!