Why I Recommend Products + a NUME wand giveaway!

A few weeks ago I debuted our family photos and still haven't figured out what ones we will print and display in the house. Because I love a good selfie, I posted a picture on my Instagram and people seemed to really like my hair {the cut, color & the curl.} Like I've said before, the cut and color are ALL Jamie, my hairstylist. However the curl, that's me, or NUME rather.

I belong to a mommy group on Facebook called Mommyhood 101. People post pictures of things for sale, they post stories of crazy family members, they ask questions at 4am in need of help, advice or someone else who is up and wants to chat! It's a really nice community and although some posts don't always apply to me, I answer things when I see fit. As a mom of two I noticed a lot of moms talking about be strapped for time and how do people do it.

When an email from NUME came across my inbox for a deal that only lasted 3 days, I posted this:

 A curling wand that retailed for $169 and was on sale for $28 was something that I could not keep to myself! So I posted it on my personal Facebook page and Instagram as well. It's no secret I love a good deal and I love a good deal on something that works! I've used a ton of different curling irons and wands over the years and I've realized, you pay for what you get. But with NUME and their coupon codes and packaged deals you always score a great and affordable deal!

After I posted the picture and answered some questions people had on what size to get {I have the 19mm and ordered the 25mm using the coupon code} I went to bed, feeling good that so many other moms were scoring the same great deal I was.

Fast forward a week and I'm on Facebook and come across this picture on my news feed:

A few days later I see this post:

Do you know what its like to post a picture of yourself and like what you see or get over 238 people liking a photo of your face or what its like to feel like a sexy mama or what it's like to have mostly strangers, tell you that you look amazing, cute and beautiful. It's a damn good feeling and this isn't even me or my photo! I just love that these other women are feeling good about themselves just from me thinking that maybe I'll post a photo of my hair, because I also, like these women, like what I saw that day and I love to share deals.

Last week I posted a video of my makeup on my Youtube channel from our family pictures and as promised to everyone that comment on my hair on my Facebook and in MH101, I did a tutorial on how I personally use my NUME 19mm wand to get the look you saw from the very first photo above. Because I love this wand SO much and I know a lot of people weren't able to score the deal I decided that I would do a giveaway of one of the NUME 19mm wands that I bought with the coupon code! I also emailed NUME and asked for any coupon codes I could let people in on as many missed the great $28 deal and they were so kind to send me over some to use. I stated this before but anytime I get promo emails I'll post so you are the first to know about these offers! So without further mumble jumbo you can watch me do my make-up HERE and my hair curling tutorial HERE using the NUME 19mm wand! The giveaway will be open for 1 full week and is NOT sponsored in any way!

INSTASPECIAL- $49 for the 35mm special wand PLUS the Silhouette Straightener for $49!!! {You have to add both items and THEN add the coupon codes at the checkout for the discount to be taken, just and FYI!} --This is an AMAZING DEAL!!!
NUMEFALL50- 50% off entire website PLUS free shipping to US & Canada
HAIRMASTER- Titan 3 in 1 curling wand PLUS In Vouge Straightener- $99 {normally +$250!!}

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