11 years

A year ago, I wrote this post. 

It's crazy what can happen in a year! 

We bought a house.

Skylor hit all his first milestones.

Tracen conquered daycare, like a BOSS.

We spent more money on Starbucks than any sane person should

and we got ENGAGED!

Last year we took the day off work and spent it together.

Brunch, shopping and getting tattoos. 

I'm hear to tell you that we are both working today. 

Such is life man!

Jer had a workshop for work

and with me in Mexico last week

I had things to catch up on in the office.

While we weren't able to sneak away and have lunch alone

tonight we will eat as a family of 4 around a table

in a new house while wearing a perfectly sized ring.

Because we don't need a night out alone just to celebrate us,

family around the dinner table,

together, a home cooked meal

and my boys is all I need.

As we spend out last year with titles of 


I want to let you know that life with Jer is exciting no matter what we're doing!

I mean have you watched any of my Youtube vlogs

Whoever said Starbucks runs, laundry and errands aren't exciting

has never done them with Jerek!

11 years is an accomplishment.

So this year I wanted to share 11 facts 

about Jer and I that you may or may not know.

This will also be followed up by some lovely throw back pictures {forgive me now Jer!}

1. We call each other 'beach'. It came from the Travelocity commercial and we both for some reason thought it was SO funny that we went around screaming 'YOU'RE A BEAUTIFUL BEACH ANGEL!!!" {for DAYS!} One day it just stuck and we even call the boys baby beach angels and we all answer to these out in public too! I'm sure people probably give me a look of horror thinking we're calling each other bitch or something like that but rest assured, we're not!

2. I've been cutting Jer's hair since college. Our trust in each others skills is big here people!

3. We've been friends since 7th grade, have spent countless birthday, NYE and Halloween parties together ranging from middle school, high school, college and after!

4. I 'dated' all Jereks friends in middle school because he was taken. I always joke saying I was waiting around for him. {literally was}

5. There's nothing Jer can cook that I won't eat.

6. I don't eat mushrooms. {take back #5}

7. Give Jer lemon or German Chocolate cake and he will be your best friend.

8. It's embarrassing how many dishes are next to our sides of the bed because we LOVE eating in bed after the boys go to sleep but were too lazy to bring them downstairs afterwards.

9. We each have 4 tattoos.

10. Jerek was named after his aunt and uncle. As a 4th child names were getting sparse I suppose! {I don't remember the exact story} but I think his parents were talking about his uncle Eric and Jen {?}, {correct me if I'm wrong!} and they put the two together and WA-LA! He gets called Jared or Derek on the reg and I am always the one to correct people.

11. I interrupt everything Jerek says. Besides money/finances, its the thing we fight about the most! I have issues man, I swear I can read his mind and finishes sentences for him but I'm almost never right!

Happy 11 years you beautiful beach angel!!!