Black Friday Etsy Shops + a GIVEAWAY!!!

This post is brought to you by me, myself and my coffee. While 90% of the college population was probably hung over yesterday I was not. Probably because I've been out of college for 5 years and also because I can't fathom going out like that when we have kids to take care of in the morning. Aint no body got tiiiiiimmmeee for that! While I didn't participate in wasted Wednesday at the bar I am Black Friday shopping this morning. Now I'm not one of those people you will find in line at 4am waiting for a blender that's half price {although I do need a new one} but I tend to go out around 9 or 10 am today as well as I shop online. Ohhhh do I love shopping online!

In honor of Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday coming up I wanted to share some of my favorite Etsy shops that we've purchased from in the past. {PLUS theres an AMAZING giveaway going on thanks to Barbara from 'Hello Barbara' and shop owner of 'Markee Market'}

If you've seen my post on our half bath makeover you've seen how we transformed our unusable small space into a regularly used thrown! I recently ordered these little 'targets' to help Tracen aim and if were being honest here {which I try to always be} it's for any male that enter's this house! Pee on the dino, pee on the mother F#!*ing DINO guys! I also got this friendly reminder 'put me down' to remind them that when they are done to put that seat back down..subtle right ;) I purchased both of these cute little decals from Cover It In Vinyl. They came with very in depth instructions so any dummy {IE: me} could do it and even gloves, how thoughtful! Cover It In Vinyl overs decals for your shoes, doors, and even nails! These really are great stocking stuffers!

Next up is Jewelry, something every mama, sister and wife would love to get! Chelsea from Flower Child Alchemy specializes in handmade vintage jewelry that has a bohemian & whimsical feel. With 30% off all orders till December 6th you better order now!

I am currently in the process of uploading more design and chalkboard prints to my Etsy shop so keep an eye out for that! However I am offering 40% off all downloadable prints in my shop East Willow Grove: The Shop till December 24th using the code word 'CHRISTMASTIME' at checkout.

Last but not least this sign!!!! *Insert emoji heart eyes* this sign has been our newest addition to our family room! While we still need to figure out how were going to hide the wires {Jerek's biggest pet peeve} we are IN LOVE!!!

My friend Barbara and fairly new blogger, writes over at Hello Barbara and is the owner of Marquee Market. Barbara use to live in Michigan but her and her husband recently moved down south to Charlotte, North Carolina where she runs her blog and Etsy shop. Girlfriend escaped the winter just in time and is making a name for herself with these signs! With her most popular item being the 'LOVE' sign I opted for something a little different. OMG right! I had plans to put this in my dressing room but when Jerek started painting our back family room the other day we he had the brilliant idea to put it above the couch!

Barbara offers different material options at different price points so there is always something for someone! My sign has letters made out of 24" metal which are new to her shop! They can be painted any color you choose but I opted to keep the raw metal look and add some 'rust' spots. Marquee Market also takes custom orders so chat Barbara up on Etsy with any questions you may have. The icing on the cake is that Barbara and I am hosting a giveaway for one lucky winner that will win their very own LOVE sign! This is the ultimate gift in my book!


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