Hump Day Confessions: Wedding Talk

The wedding. It's all people ever talk about with us now. What's our date. Where are we getting married. Do we have colors picked out? Who is going to be in the bridal party? Where are we going on a honeymoon? Were going on a honeymoon, right?

I guess I shouldn't complain I mean, no one is asking me when were going to have another baby anymore, right!

Anywho, if you see me on the reg you probably already know this but I'm having really bad anxiety lately about this wedding stuff. I'm pretty sure it's solely the venue that is stressing me out. The fact that you need to start looking and BOOK something at least 12-18 months in advance is so stressful to me. I know some people have dreamed about where they want to get married months, even years before they actually do but I've never been that person. I have thought about all the fun stuff like picking out flowers, dresses and invites. I think about the way I'm going to ask the girls to stand with me, the outfits that I want the boys to wear and the vows I want to say. This picking a venue out is hard work.

I finally bit the bullet and booked a few venues to look over these past few weeks.We were able to see two before my work trip and one when we got back. I'm still holding out on the last venue because they have to see if they even have the space/time available for when we want, otherwise there's no point in seeing it, in my eyes at least. I have a backup plan if we just can't find something that we really like but I'll wait to talk about it. Actually, I won't call it a backup plan, because that sounds like I wouldn't like this venue. It's more like another option that was presented to us if we wanted to use it. I know secrets don't make friends but... no new friends, no new friends no new friends no no new.' {mmm Drake anyone?} KIDDING! I'll share soon once we have it all figured out, promise.

If picking out a venue wasn't hard enough two of my best friends from college are also engaged and trying to get married next fall. Exciting right? Well while this is fun for all parties involved I'm even more stressed because we are trying to plan our weddings around each others as we will be in/at all of them. I have a list in my phone of dates I can't have even when we do find a venue because of this. #firstworldproblems

A few weeks ago I made a profile. I got to the home page, looked around and freaked the eff out. I then preceded to go on my Facebook and beg for people to leave comments on where they got married and if they recommended it. I was probably crying while I posted that plea so forgive me if I sounded like a baby. HOWEVER, I got so many responses it was awesome {I'm sure I'll do it again, don't worry!} This then led me to check out the websites mentioned and I even stumbled across other venues I may not have. {Social Media for the win!} So thank you to anyone that commented or sent me messaged and also reads here, you da bestest! With a boat load of emails to send out I started jotting down questions I had for each venue.

I realized I was asking the same questions so I decided I should make a Google doc and pretend I'm some bride that has all her shit together {secret.. I DON'T!} I got a few Excel cells in said eft this, where was that post Kathleen wrote about a few months ago? I poped onto her website, downloaded the Google Doc and boom was ready to start. I altered hers around a bit to make it more fitting for me, my budget, needs, wants, etc and it's working out perfectly! I can now be anywhere and not think, 'aw piss, I left my wedding notebook at home, greatttttt, now what...'

 Now I realize I'm like THE last person to offer up wedding advice because I'm sitting here explaining how I'm freaking out on all things wedding related BUT if you are planning your wedding and need a guideline check out Kathleen's website. She is a web design manager by day but her graphic design abilities are out of this world. She offers up many Google & Excel docs and some great wedding guides that I will be following! Her birthday was also yesterday so ya know, HBD girlfranddd!

Welp, I guess that's it for now, hopefully we pick a venue soon or I'm about to book us all a flight to Fiji and call it a day, and by all, I mean me, Jer and the boys, sorry family!

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