I'm alive, I promise.

If you only read my blog you might think woah woah woah, where the hell did this lady go?? But I'm here I promise! I've been updating on Instgram, Twitter, and on Youtube but EWG just hasn't gotten any love these past few weeks. It's not because I haven't had things to say, I really have. We've just been really busy and I was having really bad anxiety with the trip to Mexico.

As some may know from my previous post I was in Mexico this week for work {Tuesday-Friday.} While people's first response is usually Uh, that's sweet, where do you work, I wanna work there?! I respond with an I work in automotive and were going to visit car/truck plants, not the beach. This also means I'll be working longer hours than I do at home so don't be jealous, PROMISE. 

I'll give you a very short rundown. 

My boss and I fly from Detroit to Monterrey at 830am Tuesday.

We then take a car driven by a secured driver from our company for an hour to our hotel.

We are told we don't have a reservation till Nov 17 {we're there Nov 11-14.}


Our travel agent checks everything nearby.

Everything is booked but the Quality Inn.

The Quality Inn wasn't the best quality, if you get my drift.

The wifi is rubbish and 1 in 10 texts go through to check on Jer and the boys.

I sleep less here alone than I do at home with both kids always getting up.

This is for 2 days straight.

We visit warehouses and truck plants and I feel like I'm naked walking through them.

Such a great feeling when your in a foreign country and the news is telling you 'stay out of Mexico!'

We spend the last night in the hotel we first started at, it's WAY nicer.

I sleep like shit once again.

We have to be up at 4am.

Driver picks us up at 430am, with a 1 hour drive to airport.

They also tell you not to drive between Saltillo and Monterrey when its dark out. {AWESOME}

We make it to the airport, alive.

Flight leaves at 730am to Houston.

Layover for an hour-ish.

Fly to Detroit. Arrive around 2pm.

It was THE longest 4 days. I was more tired from that than I was giving birth two twice and the 4 days after that. Seriously, no lie.

{Pic Jer sent me}

While I was gone Jer held the house down. Like a fucking BOSS. Some mom's could never imagine leaving the house and kids to their husbands/dads/partner to tend to for that long. Not me though, I had zero stress going away knowing he could handle anything and everything those little blondies threw at him. {Literally and figuratively.} While I had stress about the safety of the trip and how Tracen would be without me there, my stress never laid under Jerek's parenting skills.

What I came home to was the best. A super clean house, laundry all done, and it smelled like the holiday candles had been brought out. There was a welcome home banner and picture of me and Tracen from DC and a love note from the boys. 

I'm not trying to dog other dads/partners that can't handle the kids for a few hours {okay, I am, sorry} but as a mom, you should feel comfortable leaving the house with the person you choose to have children with. Know that they are just as good as you are raising and taking care of them while you're away, no matter the length of time. To me, whats the point then, we can't do it all, even though sometimes we have to. 

While Jerek is one to brag about it shouldn't be, it should be the norm. All dads/moms/partners should be like this. Sure I probably would have folded the clothes differently than he did or cleaned differently but when it comes down to it, why pick apart the negatives when there are SO many positives! The kids were SO good for him, I mean SO good! Bedtime wasn't a big deal at all like I expected it to be. Jerek had 2 of the days off from work and took them on so many fun little adventures. They all were alive, fed and happy! I could have came home to a house that was toe up and would have been totally fine with it as long as the three of them were happy, had a good time together; the clean house was pure bonus!

So while I've been a little MIA from posting on here get ready because I've been writing like a mad women! Christmas decorations are going up this week {shhh!} and I have so many fun things planned for the last 6 weeks of