November Goals

Last month I explained how October was my favorite month but I have to admit, November is also a fav of mine. While Jerek made October EXTRA special by proposing, November is a special month for us as well. On the 18th we will be celebrating 11 years. It's nuts to think that I've known him for 16 years though! With November coming up and the holidays approaching at 100 mph my ass will be in high gear with the holidays and Tracen's 4th birthday coming up!

SIDE NOTE: The Detroit Marathon went great! I started vlogging it the morning of and even got to about mile 3 filming. Then I realized I didn't train like I should of and needed/wanted to concentrate on running, breathing and not dying so I stopped and deleted all footage {sorry!} I'm happy to report I ran 6.4 miles (relay leg 3) in an hour and 15 minutes. Pretty damn good with about 3.3% of training I did! I've already decided that I'm doing the half marathon next year! That shit is so exhilarating! Running through Indian village and having people cheer you on while they hand out water keg beer at 9am was the JAM!


1. Crock pot meals {once a week, no repeats}- COMPLETE! We did a crock-pot meal once a week every week but I'm pretty sure we did chili twice. It's just so good to not repeat!

2. Decorate Living Room- SEMI-COMPLETE! Jerek did a couple DIY projects that had to do with palletes, frames and our new family pictures. I still have pillows to buy/sew, find a coffee table I love and add a few small pieces. But it's getting there! I won't be showing it till it's finished, so keep your eyeballs open in the next month or two...

3. Finish bedroom-FAIL. Room was not touched. We were lucky if we changed our sheets and picked up the clothes off the floor.

4. Turn the TV off at dinner- COMPLETE! Although this is a goal that will continue on because it's not one I'm "done" with. Tracen defiantly has been putting up a fight about this but when we say it's dinner time now and the TV goes off he just asks if we can "pause" his show so he doesn't miss a THING!

1. Gym Schedule- I've finally re-joined my gym and I need to plan a schedule out. Like I've said before, I'm effing busy but that is no excuse! I'm tired of making excuses to myself as to why I'm too busy to get an hour of cardio/weights in. But like the rest of my life, when I schedule and plan things out everyone involved is less stressed and I cry far less often {bonus for all.} While our gym has a child care I don't feel like paying extra and Tracen doesn't need to be in another "daycare" setting, esp with the cold/flu/green snot/hand foot mouth season that seems to be creepin up on us. G-ROSS.

2. Plan Tracen's 4th birthday- Tracen's birthday is Dec 21st and I have a baby shower on Dec 6 & 7 and then am hosting at least one Chirstmas at our new house. December is going to be uber busy and I want it planned out before it's the 20th and I'm up till 5am having a panic attack because nothing is done!!!

3. Plan "vlog/blogcember"- wondering what I'm talking about? Well I decided I'm going to vlog/blog EVERY day in December. I know a lot of Youtubers vlog every day and while I don't think I can commit to that I can do a mix of videos and posts everyday. BUT, again so I'm not even more stressed I want to plan out different posts/videos and when they will be scheduled for. I'm really excited about this and I hope you are too!

4. Book a wedding venue- I would really like to figure this part out before Nov 11th as I will be in Mexico for 4 days on a business trip for work. I've already set up 4 "viewings" is that what you even call them? We will be visiting 4 venues next week and if we don't like any of these we pretty much have a back up plan figured out.

5. Get engagement pictures done- yes, I know, 5 goals is real ballsy but my balls are growing so fast that I felt it necessary to do. {Sorry for that image} I need to remind myself to do these since I'm making the save the dates and invites {possibly.} If you saw our family photos you will get to see the engagement ones because I wouldn't want anyone but Mrs. Jenny Fox from Monroe Fox Photography doing them!

Last year on our 10 year anniversary we got tattoos' together, can't wait to see what we do this year!