16 Month Update

WEIGHT: 22 lbs {50%}

HEIGHT: 32.5" {85%}

HEAD CIRC: 19 {90%} I added this because I thought it was funny, like holy dome yo?!

SLEEPING: better! MUCH better! I fully believe he was waking up every few hours the last few months because he had about 8 molars coming in! It was INSANE! He had 2 sets of back molars coming in but not his 'fangs' so it basically looked like he's an old man with missing teeth.

EATING: Sky still follows Tracen around the house eating any crumbs the kid drops! He has to have something in BOTH hands 90% of the time. If you watch any of my vlogs you will see he is always eating. The other day Jerek stopped and got a whole bushel {is that the right word?} of bananas and a quart of strawberries, costing close to $10 might I add, and the boys ate all of it in 48 hours. It's sickening how much they eat! On Mondays and Fridays when they are at daycare it makes me almost happy because they eat two meals and have 2 snacks there, meaning something we don't have to provide! How sad is it that that makes me happy?!

FAVORITE MOMENTS: How easy things are getting! Yes, don't get me wrong, Sky is into EVERYTHING but since he's walking now he can follow Tracen around and interact with him in ways that he couldn't before! This is the stuff I dreamed about, the reason I have always wanted more than one child {and still want more ha!}

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: The mobility. It's a catch 22 really. He can run and play with Tracen but he can also get into everything faster than he could when crawling.

{Jer took the pic when he was at the store and had to pee! How Great is this!}

FIRSTS: He's saying a lot more 'words' than he was 2 months ago. The usual {mama, dada, baba, no, yes, more} He's waving when people say 'hi' and 'bye' and even smiling when I'm filming or taking pictures.

{school picture of the boys! I. DIE!!!}

LIFE CURRENTLY : With the holidays coming up I'm so excited to see Sky open gifts this year and just participate in everything since last year he was only 5/6 months old and was still in blob format. I've also gotten an 'Elf' which I've dubbed 'Tiny'. Since I work in the auto industry we have a mandatory shut down from Dec 24-Jan 2 this December and because I had far too many vacation days to use I also took off Dec 22 & 23. So in a nutshell my last day of work this year is Dec 19th and I don't go back until January 5th. BOOM SAUCE. I'm so excited to be at home with the boys because Jerek has most of those days off as well! We need to get this Christmas shopping done because between that and trying to find a wedding venue I still don't sleep. That's a lie. I sleep but not that much since Tracen always crawls in and takes up ALL the room! With Tracen's birthday coming up and Christmas all in the next month it's going to be cray cray!