2015 Goals

2014 has come to an end and what a great year it was! 

In true goal format form, lets recap, SHALLLL WE!

We started off the year beginning our never ending house hunting search and finally landed on an amazing house! We moved in 2 days before Jereks birthday and started the remodeling right away! I spent my first weekend away from all the boys at a little getaway scrapbooking with my mom right after mothers day. July was here before we knew it and while I turned 28 little baby Skylor turned the big O-N-E. In September we took our first family of four photos {finally!} and this little blogspace of mine saw it's first birthday. On October 10th Jerek surprised me by proposing just shy of 11 years together! December is almost over and Tracen just turned four?! How is it possible, I just remember finding out I was pregnant! 2015 is upon us and I'm making some big goals for myself. 

It's been a full year since I wrote this post and started posting my monthly goals. To be honest I thought I was going to be a mega flake every month and not continue them. But to my surprise I really kept them up! There were months that were better than others but over all I usually accomplished 75% of them every month. I decided I'm going to keep up the monthly goals as they really hold me accountable through out the days, months and year. I'm going to do a little something different this year though and  do three yearly goals in addition to my monthly goals. These three yearly goals are something I can work on throughout the year and not just for a month. 

Recapping December goals:

1. Drink more water- I haven't been drinking crazy amounts but I've been getting my daily intake that I should be.

2. Deep clean the house-This was half accomplished. Since we had people over for Tracen's birthday and for Christmas morning we deep cleaned the main floor but I can't vouch for the upstairs!

3. Make a growth chart-I'm currently off to the hardware store right now to get everything I need! I'll have a separate post on it in this next week!


1. Reduce debt: Basically I want to pay down debt. I mean who doesn't but I want this to be a BIG focus this year. I think they recommend you to have no more than 40% of your available credit used. This has always been an issue for me, especially in college and unfortunately I carried over this bad habit and haven't done that much to stop it until recently. I want to really focus on getting rid of my credit card debt and just having them for emergency. It's never a good idea to cancel cards because then your debt to income ratio lowers and it can show up as a negative on your credit report. 

2. Volunteer my time: Jer and I are so lucky to have great jobs, own a house, drive nice cars, etc etc that I want to do more for others. While I always am donating things around the house and giving money to different charities it's just not enough. I would love to get Tracen involved as well because monkey see monkey do ya know! These can range from delivering meals to people in need, donating to kids, volunteering at schools or at women's shelters. Whatever it is I just want to do more and hopefully I can do something every month no matter how "busy" life gets.

3. Buy & learn final cut pro: This will probably come later on if I upgrade my computer because as of right now my Mac Air will not be able hold Final Cut pro due to lack of space. This is one goal that if it doesn't happen this year I'm okay with it as it holds a big price tag on it but something I want so badly!

4. Work on German: I've been taking German classes since 8th grade and even have a degree in it but I've been loosing it as I rarely speak it at work or daily anymore. My company offers free Rosette Stone and I signed up for it this past year I didn't do a damn thing with it, bad, I know! This year I'm going to try and make it a priority. This can be done through the program at work or watching Youtube videos, learning new vocab, etc.

5. Live healthier: I started back up at the gym last month and while that's great n' all I fully believe that 80% of what your body looks like is based on what you put into it. While I'm all about indulging in that fountain coke or food baby Chipotle burritos I really need to get a grip! I want to start counting my macro's, choosing to eat out less and really diving in on eating healthier. I know it will take a good few months to figure things out as we grocery shop for four people and on a budget but this needs to be a priority for all of us and as they say, if the kids see you eating veggies, they will eat veggies or hopefully eat veggies!

1. Run 10 miles a week: I have been pretty good about making it to the gym a good 3 times a week so this shouldn't be too hard. I want to increase the amount every month in preparation for running some 10k's and the half marathon this year. 

2. Print pictures: I take a ton of pictures and either post them on my social media accounts or throw them on my external hard drive and they sit there for a while. Jerek made a gallery wall in the corner of our family room but the frames either have old pictures or are blank and I'm sick of hearing Jerek's nagging voice 'are we ever going to fill these things?' 

3. Learn how to fly/video with my drone: Jerek was a real babe this Christmas and remembered I kept talking about wanting a drone! I have dreams of video footage for the vlogs and he surprised me with one for Christmas! Although the weather is going to be garbage come January I'm sure, I want to really figure it out! Keep your eyes peeled in future videos!

I hope you all had a great year and remember if 2014 wasn't a year you want to remember or times were exceptionally tough you always have another day, month and year to do better and change things. This is your life and you are living it. Love you guys and happy new year!!!