Stocking Stuffers for the Ladies

13 days guys, 13 days!!!

The holidays are right around the corner and I have about negative 2 gifts bought. Yup. I'm one of those people. The one that waits till the week of and then gets all pissy because I'm at Target on the 23rd and so is everyone in southeast Michigan. RUDE!

If you are anything like me and love stuffing stockings, seriously I loveeeee stocking shopping, then keep reading. Jerek always complains around this time and it usually goes something like this:

J: 'ughhhh, it's not fair, you always do good stockings. 

I never know what to get you'

C: dude, you're nuts, I like EVERYTHING! 

Go to the dollar section at Target or Old Navy.

Find a cute piece of jewelry at Forever 21.

Or Victoria Secrets if you don't want me 

wearing granny panties errday.

J: you're so annoying, I'm not buying you underwear

C: but I NEED it. I also need chocolate, coffee 

and fireball, water my beach angel!

J: fine, I'll just get everything you said but it's not

going to be a surprise now. You're seriously so hard to buy for.

With that being said, we also try and keep it under $100 {or less!} and we don't buy each other any gifts. We buy things for ourselves through out the year and get gift cards for birthday's and Christmas that we really don't see it necessary to spend money on each other. Plus we like going shopping the day after Christmas and dropping some hard earned cash while scoring those major 40-60% off the store deals that everyone has! 

So if you are like Jerek and need ideas to fill up those stocking for the ladies in your life, here ya go friends! 

So everything you see are products that I already own or wouldn't mind owning and would love to open on Christmas morning {hint hint hintttttt} The bath and body works candles are my go to candles but ONLY and I repeat ONLY when they are 2 for $22 because $22 for ONE candle is nonsense to me! These gloves from Forever 21 have that faux leather on the palms with a tweed looking top, real dreamy grown up if you ask me! Tea oh tea how I love the! The sugar cookie sleigh ride tea is only available at the holidays and I'm already running  out! This tea is MEGA affordable so buy a box or three while you're at it guys!

I love a good black snood but this one from Forever 21 has a hood! Like what could be cuter, NOTHING that's what! I never buy a full bottle of perfume because A. that shit is expensive! and B. I am always changing it up. My girlfriend bathes in Angel and it's something I'm never sick of and have been dying to snag this up but a full size bad boy can cost you some extra mula! This travel size fella is perfect and fits right into our stocking budget {real subtle Chelsea}. Face masks are my quality pleasure and this one by Freeman is one I just ran out of. The charcoal & black sugar scrub gives off just the right amount of exfoliation without irritating my sensitive skin. 

For the makeup lovers like myself, the Naked 2 basic palette has been a lust item for me as I own the original Naked palette and use it every day. It's great for beginners to advance makeup users and everyone in between. You can't go wrong with EOS lip balm. It's a staple item that anyone can throw in a stocking and know the receiver will love it. With so many flavors to choose from you may want to pick up one for yourself {or you will, whoops.} Last but most definitely not least is candy and specifically these mini cadbury holiday eggs! I have only seen these during Easter and when I spotted these the other day at Target in someone else's cart I went on a hunt! Sadly I came out empty handed because the shelf was wiped clean! 

Welp Jerek, I hope you took a snapshot of this post or clicked on the links and shopped online. Now you have ZERO reason to have the above conversation with me next week! If you ladies want to get some ideas for the men in your life, stay tuned for tomorrow where I share what I may be getting Jerek in his stocking ;)

Now to get the toddler who "isn't good at sleeping" {so he says} to bed. TOODLES!