Stocking Stuffers for Men

Yesterday it was all about me the ladies but today it's all about you guys. I'm talking to the guys that read this {uhhh if that's even a thing. Okay I know my friend Alex and Nick do so kudos to you gentleman!} Really though its for the women in your life that can't think of anything besides condoms and cigars to get you. Too much? 

Well as I stated yesterday Jerek and I don't get gifts for each other now that we have little humans and a lot of family to buy for. Jer is always complaining that I am so great {toot toot!} at finding things for his stocking so I figured I share the wealth for you girlfriends, moms or partners that may be a little stuck.

While I usually get Jerek his favorite cologne it is sadly discontinued, so while he figures out what who he wants to smell like picking up a body spray by Axe is very easy and affordable and the scent he already likes! If your man is in need of a new wallet but wants to skip the huge bulky scene this time around, Zara men does some great little card holders. Hair spray may seem silly but we go through a lot in our house and I'm rather sick of Jerek walking into my dressing room and asking 'where da snookie spray at!' Tresemme hair spray is our favorite drugstore hair spray hands down.

Jerek is a skinny tie lover and I always try and sneak a new one in when I can. This one from Forever 21 is simple and classic and will match his eyes! From button downs to scarfs I just love all things plaid and this scarf ties in so many different colors you can wear it with anything.

Coffee. There really isn't much more to say but we RUN on it! They converted someones office at work into a coffee shop {true story} so I figured some K-cups for his desk could be a nice gesture for that new Kurig they just got. Jereks ALL time favorite candy are these weirdo Ferrero things! The guy will sit in bed and watch ancient aliens and eat a whole container. This is the one thing he always knows will show up in his stocking from me! Shaving cream can irritate mens faces but this one from EOS is fragrance free and is loaded with moisture. Last but not least are scratch offs. My dad started these with me when I was little and I always like throwing them in stockings or birthday cards. There's nothing like winning a few bucks that can really change your mood!

If you missed yesterday's post on what to stuff in the your ladies stocking you can check it out here. Hope you all are getting your holiday shopping done and scoring some great deals! If you have any other ides on what to get the men in your life leave them below! I'm not done with Jerek's stocking yet and could use a few extra ideas!