Things I'm Sick of Saying

Last week I posted about shit my toddler says. While most of you probably nodded your heads and realized these damn toddlers are all the same some of you were probably saying 'Chelsea, what about us, what about the shit WE say!'

Don't worry, I didn't forget about you, ohhh I promise I didn't forget about you! If I told you I felt like I was turning into my mother would you believe me? Probably. Because I am. Sometimes under my breath I mutter, because I said so! Or because I'm the mom Tracen, OKAYYYYY!' Lately I've been busting out the old 'go ask your dad' card! If I got paid every time I said the following things I would probably be as rich as Kelsey Zachow.

"We don't hug Skylor's neck, you're going to hurt him"

"Stop screaming. You're inside, if you want to scream go outside" 

"It's time to go read books and go to bed"

"No, you've watched enough Peppa Pig"

"We don't stick our head in the potty, it's yucky in there"

"Stop touching your wiener."

"Tracen, put clothes on"

"Did you just bootay toot?"

"There's no way your're still hungry!?'

"You ate all the fruit dude, sorry!"

"We don't eat dog food Skylor"

"No, you had enough ice cream."

"Please stop jumping on the couch"  x7357456078247325756745

"Honestly, what more could you possibly eat right now Tracen!?"

"Don't touch mommy's makeup"

"Stop whipping your face on my clothes"

"We don't play in the trash Skylor"

"We don't throw blocks"

"We don't throw books"

"We don't throw anything"

"Put it down please, I don't want glitter everywhere"

"The park is closed"

"The Slurpee store is closed"

"Kai Lan is on vacation...still"

"Can I have my pillow back?"

"Give Trey his sippy back Sky"

"Put the cushions back on the couch"

"Can everyone just leave me alone for two seconds!!!!!!"

"Can I pee alone pleaseeeee!"

"I'm sorry but I can't hold you both, get milk and peel a banana guys."

"Flush the toilet"

"Put the seat down when you're done."

"You sure do poop a lot."

"Sky, how did you blow your pants out...AGAIN!"


"Whats for dinner" (haha)

"There's no where to get married"

"I wish we had more money"

"I'm sick of doing dishes"

"Do we haveeee to watch Ancient Aliens..."

"All you boys drive me insane! Yes Ducati, even you!"

"Stop kicking my chair"

This post might be 100 pages long if I continue so I'm going to stop there! While all these boys drive me crazy on the daily I wouldn't have it any other way! I know one day its going to be me and Jerek and we're going to be bored as hell driving to colleges and different cities trying BEGGING our kids to hang out with us. So for now I'll just complain on here until the time comes and ya'll can tell me that you told me so!