Thred Up Review

I'm a big advocate of purging random crap that takes up space in your closet, house and life. I try to donate or sell things when I bring new beauties into the house so we don't end up on Hoarders. A few months back I was reading my girlfriend Stef's post on Thred up vs. Twice and I realized I had no idea what either of them were, how is this possible!?

I'm an avid Plato's closet, eBay, Amazon, and Facebook seller {yeah that's a thing.} I really try to get rid of things we no longer have use for while making some money. When things don't sell and we still want to get rid of them we swing by our local Salvation army and donate away {or leave them out on the curb and they are snatch up from those weird pickers by dusk.} After reading Stef's review on the two sites I decided to check out Thred Up for myself.

With Stef's link I signed up and requested my first bag be delivered to me pronto! I received it within a few days and it was MUCH bigger than I thought it would be! I had a lot of clothes, shoes, purses and accessories I wanted to shove in the bag but since not everything would fit I kept out things I knew they wouldn't take. I knew this because when I received the bag it also came with a card that gave me an idea of brands they were looking for. Therefore my Target tee didn't stand a chance but my Anthropology jacket, that would split in half if I tried wearing it, that was going in the bag.

{While Plato's never buys any of my Forever 21 & Express items that seemed to be what Thred Up loved, memory bank!}

Once I stuffed the bag and left it on my doorstep, the postman picked that baby up and it was back to San Fran it went {Free might I add as THEY pay for the return shipping!} After the bag is picked up you can track the bag online and follow it's progress. It takes about 2 weeks from the time I sent the bag out to the time I got an email letting me know what they accepted from my bag and how much I got paid for. 

While I only made $24.43 I was happy because these were all items I had already tried selling at Plato's closet and they didn't accept them! {I'm convinced they buy stained, dirty, garbage!} After I got the email with what I made I also got one giving me a coupon code for 40% off my first order placed. Sooooo ya know, I did what any normal girl with a clothing credit does...I shopped...

About a week later my items arrived in a cute box waiting for me on my doorstep. Here is the breakdown of what I bought, how much it was and how much I saved off the original price. 75% savings for like new clothes to me is grrrrreat! I only paid $10.04 out of pocket for all 5 items as I used my credit and the 40% off for the rest of it.

{Black Byer Cardigan & Epilogue Dress}

{Express jeans-already knew my size! & the best white tee from Theory}

{Not pictured, currently in wash is dark gray 'Alternative Apparel short sleeve t-shirt'-$6.49}

Since selling and buying my clothe,s Thred Up has rolled out two new programs and they now buy and sell baby clothes and designer handbags, like get out of town! If you want to see what Thred Up is all about and make some space in your closet for some Christmaka items you can also do so by saving $10 off your first bag placed, here ya go folks