18 Month Update

Lately I've been stepping back and realizing that I no longer have a baby in the house. He's more so a toddler if anything. Sometimes I cringe at the word toddler because 99.9% of that word is always associated with the 'terrible two's'. {For Tracen two wasn't so bad as three was for us.}

With a wedding on our brains it's hard to think about more kids. Actually I take that back, I think about having more kids EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. But I know that I don't really want to be pregnant at our wedding so preventive measures are in check.

I think back to when I first had Skylor. How I would stress thinking how the hell am I suppose to go to the park with two kids. How am I suppose to play with Tracen and run around with him while holding, nursing or caring for a newborn. My anxiety was at an all time high when I was home on maternity leave and Jerek was at work. I use to wait to go to the grocery store, to Target or even shower until he got home. As the days went by and I learned how to deal things go easier, as cliche as that sounds.

Sure there were days when Tracen lost his shit, Skylor blew his pants out and I tried to pump & nurse at the same time, but those days passed and were rewarded with a glass of wine, or two, later on. Now I know that the hard part wasn't getting through those days, it's looking back on how fast it's all gone. As soon as I knew it we were buying our first house and celebrating milestones like potty training Tracen and Skylor walking.

The other day I left work to go be by my sister in law's side as she gave birth to my nephew. It brought me back to Sky's birth and while mine was a little easier than her's the end result was all the same. A healthy baby.

With a big brother around for Skylor he's growing exponentially! He's learning things faster as he is mirroring what Tracen does. Talking more than because he visually see's what Tracen gets when he uses his words. We're hoping he pretty much potty trains himself, ya know!

As crazy as my house can get with all these boys I LOVE IT. I love everything about it. I enjoy my peace and quite so much more because it's so rare but miss their loud crazy antics when they aren't around. I don't mind our bed being full of people at night, the more the merrier, because I know it won't last forever.

It's only been a few months since the last update so after this I will be doing every six months unless the boys do something really amazing that deserves a whole post dedicated to them. Ashley over at Words about Waverly celebrates half birthdays with half birthday cakes, how amazing is that! I'm 99.9% sure I'll be stealing this idea, what better reason to throw a party every 6 months!?

WEIGHT: 22 lbs 

HEIGHT: 33" 

SLEEPING: If you asked me last week I'd say great! However since Sunday night he has basically screamed bloody murder the entire night. I took him to urgert care yesterday thinking maybe its an ear infection and nothing. Basically just a virus and to keep sucking his nose, etc, etc. UGHHHH!

EATING: Standard answer; everything the eye can see!

FAVORITE MOMENTS: When we come home from work Tracen and Skylor both run to us with such big smiles on their face it makes us both SO happy to be home. Okay I'll tell you the truth, Tracen runs up to me while Sky mean mugs me until Jer gets home and they both run up to him. They love being at home with Jerek's aunt and are starting to like daycare/preschool now but when we come home it's like we've been gone for ages the way they great us. I can only hope at 16 this will still be the same. Hopeful people, I'm hopeful!

LEAST FAVORITE MOMENTS: Night time lately with him being sick and screaming all night it makes my heart hurt and my eyes, my eyes are reallllllyyyyy tired!

FIRSTS: No first's really but he's getting good at crawling up stairs but when we are at the top and I ask him if he wants to go down he starts crying and reaches for me to hold him. He's using a spoon and fork much better although he prefers to share all meals with the dog. I SWEAR he was a homeless dog in his past life! He's always in the dog food/water, in the trash or giving Ducati food!

LIFE CURRENTLY : Since Tracen's birthday and the holidays are over you would think it's calmed down a bit but it really hasn't. As I already mentioned our nephew was born a week ago and we also celebrated 5 other birthdays; two of our aunts, Jerek's dad and my mom and cousins birthday was yesterday! So many Aquarius's so little timeUnfortunately Jerek's grandpa passed away yesterday but is in a much better place now. January flew by and 2015 has been great otherwise, hopefully I'll have some wedding updates for you in the next month *hint hint*