30 Things to do Before I'm 30

What a cliche title huh.

In case you don't know I'm 28 1/2 years young and I have a little under a year and a half before I turn the dirty 30. While I personally feel like I've done a lot in my lifetime there are some things I need want to do before I turn 30.

After turning 25 I kinda freaked out saying the normal 'OMG, I'm so OLDDDD now!' That soon passed as the years have gone by and I've realized that age is just a number and as long as I'm taking care of my health and body who says what age is really "old." 

We're not gong to call this a 'bucket list' or a 'before I die list', that word usage seems all so stressful to me. It almost implies that you MUST do these before your 30, or ELSE! Were just calling it my 30 before 30 list and as I do with my monthly goals, if they happen, GREAT, if not, it's cool, there's always 31!

1. Get married ;)

2. Go to the beach in the winter

3. Take a hot air balloon ride

4. Read 10 books

5. Go to Lollapalooza in Chicago

6. Make a baby blanket for someone

7. Go to NYC

8. Sky dive

9. Run a half marathon

10. Visit sleeping bear sand dunes

11. See a Broadway show

12. Camp {in a tent, under the stars...and not complain}

13. Meet Mary Kate and Ashley

14. Drive a 2 seater car

15. Go to Disney/Book a trip to Disney

16. Rent a house/cottage for a week in the summer

17. Wear a bikini {mom goals guys, mom goals}

18. Take boys to Niagara Falls

19. Buy a DSLR camera

20. Ski/snowboard & not cry

21. Go to a Oprah live show 

22. Pay credit cards off {and not use them!}

23. Visit a winery

24. Take a photography class

25. Volunteer at a shelter 

26. Fly first class

27. Go to a Lions game

28. Transfer Blog over to Wordpress

29. Audition for a reality show {Amazing race, I need you in my life!}

30. Start a garden {try to keep alive!}

So there you have it, there's my list! As you can see a lot of it has to do with traveling. I want to get rid of a big chunk of debt so we are able to travel more as those life experiences are worth far more than any designer bag to me. I'm excited to start working on these and hopefully vlogging it as I go! A lot of these can be combined as well, like maybe I'll wear a bikini on the beach in the winter while taking a picture with my DSLR camera of a book I'm reading that I will then post about on my blog that I transferred over to Wordpress...on a camping trip. BOOM 6 things, done all at once. I told you I'm a great multitask-er, didn't I?

Also, some of these are non negotiable. Like #13, I mean ideally I would want them to stand up next to me at my wedding but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.