And the survey says

Google is one of my best friends.
We chaton the reg.

I Google everything. 

This usually leads me to Youtube though 

and then I get distracted and start watching vlogs that I'm behind on.

When I have questions about blogging I Google it.

When I have questions about the best bronzer for fair skin, I Google it.

But when I have questions about my own blog sometimes Google isn't enough and neither is Jerek. Sorry beach.

So here's where ya'll {said in a mid-western attempt at a southern accident} come in.

Recently I've noticed a few different bloggers {Stef & Dana} that I read daily have small surveys at the end of the year. They ask their readers, their friends, what they like, don't like, would like to see different, etc.

I started this blog solely because I was bored at home on maternity leave.

I've read blogs for years and decided that I wanted a way to remember funny times, to bitch and moan about things that frustrated me and to document important memories that I never wanted to forget. It was a way for me to be creative as my corporate job is SOOOOO not that! 

While this blog was started for ME I've realize I do have people that enjoy reading it other than my mom and grandma {shout out to my peeps!} and I'm sure there are things that might bother the crap out of you. You might want to see less talk about the color of pop I cleaned up the other day, and maybe more outfit posts. You may like my reviews but don't like my choice of font. So I figured I'd make a little survey like the ones I took on other blogs and see what the people have to say. Now I'm not saying I'm going to change my blog, the things I write about or the way I talk based on a few questions that are anonymously answered, but I figured why the hell not see whats up wit cho brains, right? 


So if you have about mmmm 60 seconds to spare, and care to share {anonymously might I add!} I would love to hear read what you like, don't like, when you read, what you want to see more of etc, etc.

Click here for the survey, it won't take long, I promise!

Many thanks guys!

PS. Throwback Thursday anyone {Jer & I were BABIES here in Chicago}