Bathroom Refresh on a Budget

We've been in our house for almost a year, March 28th is our homeowneriversary to be exact. When we first did our walk through I could see past the moth ball scent, I could get over the old people decor an even see past all of the chandeliers in every room, hallway or closet. Okay maybe not in the closets.

Every room in the entire house was painted in some ugly color with a glossy finish that we weren't sure what room we would repaint first but we knew every single room would need to be and need to be done fast! The first week we owned the house we painted for hours after work and like all projects here that really meant Jerek & his dad painted and I made sure the kids didn't get in his way. 

Slowly but surely we've repainted about 90% of the entire house. The upstairs main bathroom really needs to be gutted but we have a wedding to plan so that probably won't be happening anytime soon. This is unless Jer can hit one of these damn power balls, come on beach I believe in you! A few weeks ago we had Martin Luther King Jr. day off but the boys still had daycare so a free day for mom and dad it was!

We had talked about about giving the bathroom a facelift for a while now so with 8 hours of no children we got to work. We knew that we didn't want to spend a ton of money since this wasn't a remodel, it just needed a little pep in it's step.

The main thing that bathroom needed was paint. Every time we walked into the room it me to make eye contact with those walls! Whatever were these 70 year olds thinking with this bright blue paint?! Maybe they were already dreaming of the Flordia water even before they sold us this house or maybe the paint was 70% off at ACO like the rest of the house was {these people LOVED a good deal!}

The paint we used was left over from the living room of our old rental house and I think it took maybe a gallon to do two coats on the entire room. If you're wondering what those two pokey things are sticking out from the wall, they are hot and cold water pipes. These people had some ugly floor to ceiling cheap cabinets hiding them. So instead of putting in a double sink they put in cheap cabinets {which we chucked.} When we gut this bathroom we will be installing a big glorious double sink and I can't wait!

Since we were stuck with the tile in the shower we had to plan around it. The orange bath mat is from the Nate Berkus line and I'm pretty sure Jerek wasn't too found of it at first but I think it's growing on him. We already had the Threshold shower curtain from when we moved in so I bleached that baby and it was good to go.

I knew I wanted to keep the feel calming yet fun with the colors and textures so off to Target I went. I'd been eyeing these Threshhold vases since last spring but refused to pay $30 a piece. These bad boys were on mega sale and I scored them for a whole $5 a vase! I picked up the eucalyptus stems from Home Goods and have a ton left over for future projects. I also picked up a few new hand towels since the ones we had in there before were probably mine from college, ya, like 5+ years old!

The final touch was added with the relax letters in navy. If you remember my dressing room tour from about 6 months ago you will notice these use to be bright turquoise. I'm slowing changing up the decor in that room and thought that painting these a deep navy would be very fitting for the bathroom. "Come in, relax and take a poop!" ya know, the important things.

I'm obsessed with this little stool that I picked up at Home Goods! Jerek asked what the hell we needed a stool for in the bathroom but once he sat on that thing and enjoyed a cocktail while the kids took a bath he understood why! We use to sit on the floor or on top of the counter while they played and our ass would go numb in about 2 seconds flat! This stool reminds us of a sauna that we so desperately want one day!

I'm sure you're wondering one big question, HOW MUCH DID IT COST THOUGH!?!?! I mean, that's really what things come down to so here are the numbers:

Paint: FREE! {left over from old house}

Rug: $12.99 {on sale + Target cartwheel app}

Vases: $5 each, $10 total

Eucalyptus Stems: $7.99 

Hand Towels: $5 {for 2, on sale}

Shower Curtain: FREE: {old-bleached to make it nice & new}

RELAX letters: FREE

Navy Paint: $1.50

Stool: $20

TOTAL COST: $57.48

Yes, you're reading that correctly, less than $60 for this whole room! Now I'm going to admit, this room is no where NEAR what we really want it to be! We want to gut the entire thing but for now it's SO enjoyable! The whole point when refreshing rooms or spaces is to make them more functional, more enjoyable and to accomplish it on a budget! We jumped into this project KNOWING it wouldn't be a bathroom remodel so our expectations were very realistic when the room was finished. We still need to find a curtain for the window but for now the 1970's plastic shade will have to do.

Hopefully next we can get working on the kitchen since I hinted about painting the cabinets about 6 months ago and then never showed you any updates! Such is life ya know! 

Until then!