February Goals

Oh January, I thought you weren't suppose to be busy, wasn't that Decembers job??

January has been packed full of birthdays and attempts at getting back on schedules due to the lack of schedules from our long holiday vacation off from work. Does that run-on sentence even make sense?

You can find a 30 day recap from Tracen's birthday till the end of January here and a 18 month round up for Mr. Skylor here. I spent January working on my gym schedule and trying to think of things to do with the boys on the weekends while it was ice cold outside.

Before we recap January I want to show you our new nephew Emry. How amazing is this picture! I believe this was snapped by my brother in law (I'm pretty sure that is his app editing ;) SO SO cute!

WARNING, January was a fail...

1. Run 10 miles a week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday's are my gym days. Each day I do 15-25 minutes of cardio {running on the tread mill} followed by my Kayla fitness routine for that day. I then either do arms, legs or ab workouts with various machines followed by 5 minutes of detox in the sauna. Long story long, I've probably been running about 6 miles {2 miles a day} so I'm not there quite yet.

2. Print pictures: If you follow me on Facebook you'll have seen my plea. I'm not naming any names {SKYLORRRRRRRRRRRR cough cough} might have dropped my external hard drive causing it to not start up. This baby was full of pictures and videos from as far back as 2005 till present day. Although I upload all the videos to YouTube  and save a lot of my pictures on the cloud its not the same, I save EVERYTHING to my external, even after I've uploaded it here. Thankfully about 2 years ago when I got my new computer I had my moms boyfriend save everything on his external hard drive before we switched over to my new computer. So you would think I wouldn't be as upset since I have at least 2005-2012 on that hard drive right? WRONG. I'm devastated because that means everything of me being pregnant with Skylor, Skylors whole life, all of our 'before' house pictures and any video footage I had is gone because I didn't save it anywhere but this external hard drive. The cost to recover these things is a hefty one. $600.  And get this, that's the price you pay for them to TRY and get everything off of it, there's no guarantees anything could be recovered!!! Maybe I'm being dramatic but I'm trying not to think about in 12 years when Skylor is bitching about the 2nd child syndrome and thinks it's real because I have nothing from the first 18 months of his life :( So needless to say I've printed zero pictures, in fact I've cried over the this issue that these memories seem gone. And no, I can't justify paying $600 for something that isn't 100% going to work. 

3. Learn how to fly/video with my drone: We had to ship back the original drone Jer got me for Christmas and get a different one and since it was coming from China I legit just got it a few days ago. So hopefully I can start this weekend flying maybe

1. Make German Flash Cards: Tracen's preschool/daycare is great and they learn Spanish, Chinese, French and German. The kids a sponge and telling us all the words he's learning and remembering them so well! Since I speak German {working on bettering it!} he's so excited when he can tell me things and I understand them. I know I could buy these somewhere but I really want to make them!

2. Find a class for the kids to join: It's winter and when going outside to play is not an option one can only play inside with the same stuff for too long. I really want to get the boys both involved in something but more so Tracen. He really enjoyed swimming last winter {finally at the last few sessions} so I'm thinking of trying that again or maybe indoor soccer. Basically I need something for him on Saturdays to get his energy out!

3. Do taxes: This is an easy goal because I know it will get done. Kind of a cheap way out but I figured I needed an easy one after last month. And by do taxes, this means Jerek will do them and I'll watch and ask if he's done yet. I never touch those things, they give me anxiety.

Happy Monday and happy birthday month to all the Aquarius & Pisces out there!