My Blonde Haircare + a Giveaway

We've all read the post about how my hairdresser hates me right? If not, here ya go, come back when you're done.

Okay, so you read it now and you're thinking how the hell hasn't your hair fallen out yet?! Well I'm just as surprised as you are, don't worry! With all the processing we've {because this is a team effort here!} done over the last few years I know how important conditioner and hair masks are so that is where I invest my money as well as in my amazing and talented hair dresser.

Over the past few years I've gotten a ton of questions on what products I use, what my hair color/cut is or how I curl my hair. I'm here to address it all because blondes have more fun right ;)

I shampoo and condition my hair every other day, sometimes every two days if I'm having a rather good hair day. I haven't found the perfect shampoo for me yet so right now I'm using Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy. It gives my scalp a good dose of moisture while still cleansing my hair. 

As I stated earlier, I like to be a little spendy when it comes to conditioners and hair masks. This my friends is what keeps my blonde hair healthy and in such great condition! For conditioners I swear swear SWEAR by REDKEN Blonde Idol {cool tones}. This bad boy tones my hair and makes my locks look and feel like I just stepped out of the salon even when I'm 8 weeks post hair color session! I'm not kidding when I tell you it's worth the money because it is a little pricy but SO.WORTH.IT! Now if you just can't justify the price tag on the Blonde Idol my other go to purple conditioner is from Sally's with a much better price tag; shimmer lights for blonde & silver tones.

Coconut oil is the other conditioner I use and you can find this at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and even Target I'm pretty sure. I use this in the shower as well as after in small amounts on my ends as a leave in conditioner. This is mainly used when my ends need a good condition in-between cuts and remember a little goes a long way. For a leave-in conditioning spray and a little more money than coconut oil, I use the Pravana intense therapy leave-in treatment. I spray this all over my hair which I follow this up by NUME's White Truffle Hair Primer using it from my mid shaft {ear level} and lower. This stuff smells amazing and I use two pumps and has lasted me MONTHS! {Use code WINTERSNOW for 40% off entire site!}

As I already mentioned I try and wash my hair every other day and this is usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, this is also because these are my gym days so it's very convenient for me to go to the gym and shower afterwards. I rarely wash my hair in the mornings anymore meaning I also rarely use a blow dryer {score for no heat days!} After I put my leave in conditioners on I then follow up with my Not Your Mothers kinky moves curl defining hair cream. This is a defining lotion which helps my hair keep that wavy, bed head look that I love so much the next morning. Ever since having kids my hair has a great little wave to it and this hair cream helps keep that great shape while I sleep!  Again, a little goes a long way and is pretty inexpensive as well. This is also a big time saver so a big deal for the working mother of two.

For volume I use a little Guts by Redken on my roots. Guts is a very light spray giving my roots volume without making them stiff or greasy. Speaking of grease, when I'm rocking two or three day old hair I always follow up with my Batiste dry shampoo. I literally go through two of these a month, but guess who doesn't have greasy hair, THIS GIRL! As for hair spray, I swear by my TRESemme hair spray

Ever since I was little I hated brushing my hair. My scalp is unbelievably sensitive that 99% of all hair brushes have me in tears when it comes time to brushing my hair. If you have a little girl, or are like me and a sensitive sally when it comes to hair brushing you NEED this brush in your life! The tangle teaser combs through any tangle with easy and I no longer cry when I have a rats nest of a bun that I need to brush out!

Although you will rarely see me blow drying my hair and do pull out my Nume wands on the reg! I became obsessed with these bad boys and have gotten everyone I know hooked on them! I recently donated all of my other curling irons because I refuse to use anything else! I currently have/use the 19mm & 25mm and recently just got the reverse wand. These babes heat up and cool down extremely fast that I can throw a few waves in before work and it doesn't interrupt my morning routine. Below are some coupon codes that they have going on right now. All I can say is NEVER PAY FULL PRICE FOR THESE THINGS THERE IS ALWAYS A DEAL GOING ON! I post new coupon codes I find on my Facebook so follow along if you want to score a good deal too.

{currently rocking 11.5 week roots and loving it}

CODES for Nume Wands & products:

CUDDLEUP - $39 for Classic Wand + Argan Oil
SNOWGLOBE - $69 BOGO Magic Wand
CHILLYNIGHTS - $69 for Magic Wand + Silhouette
HOLIDAYLOVE - $69 for Pentacle + Free Shipping
FROSTY - $74 for MegaStar + Holder
SPARKLE - $99 for Sets
WINTERLOVE – 10% Off Holiday Catalog
WINTERSNOW – 40% Off Site Wide No Catalog
HONEYBEE60-60% off any curling wands
WHITEROSES- Any two classic wands for $68
CANDYHEART-Any two magic wands for $78

How often do I get my hair colored you ask, well I'm currently on week 11.5 to be exact {I went Nov 28th} and Jamie won't be back from her maternity leave until the end of February. This means I will have gone 14 whole weeks without color and it's safe to say that my roots don't look half bad!

I know that all this is able to happen because Jamie and I work together to achieve the color we want at every appointment. Jamie is fully aware that I want a natural but cool toned blonde that while in-between visits grows out beautifully and doesn't have a band of color peaking through every 3 weeks. I also know that if I use my products correctly I can really get the best bang for my buck.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Jamie here is her contact information, you won't be disappointed! Don't worry Jay I'm giving out your salon info, not your cell phone ;)

After all is said and done I want you to know that this is the healthiest my hair has ever been and it's also the most processed! That says something about the products Jaime uses on my hair and what products I'm using in between, doesn't it?! I've learned over the years that investing in a few good products will really keep the color that I'm paying to get worth it. This goes for any color, not just blondes!

I hope that answers any questions people have had about my hair, the products I use or what I do on a daily/weekly basis. If you have any other questions or comments on products that you think I should check out, I'm all ears, comment away friends!

Last but not least, since I can't buy you all your own NUME wands, because we were not one of the three people that won the power ball last night, I wanted to do another giveaway of the infamous wand that I'm always raving about! I had a giveaway back in October for a 19mm and it went over really well so as promised you have another chance to win *cue cheering* The giveaway will be open to US residents only and open for one week with multiple ways to enter. {Sorry but international shipping is hella expensive and this is NOT sponsored so it's all on me}

Happy pizza party Friday, now go buy a heart shaped pizza ya filthy animals!

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