10 Must Have E.L.F. Products

Eyes Lips Face and I go way back. I'm talking about so far back that when I discovered them they were buying 2 inch ad space in the back of Teen Vouge and that was the only time I saw them advertised. Ever.

Fast forward about 11 years and they are in numerous magazines, Youtube tutorials, drugstores and vanity's everywhere! I've been an ELF fan from the beginning in fact they were the first makeup brush I'd ever purchased {aside from my mother giving me Mary Kay hand me downs.} I had zero idea how much makeup brushes could really cost and the dollar a brush sign lured me in then and it still does now!

While the quality has improved immensely Eyes Lips Face has come out with different product lines from skincare to a studio brush line, to nail polish and mineral makeup. E.L.F has really stepped up their game in these past years.

If you walked into my dressing room you'd see my vanity right when you walk in. The products I use range from drugstore to high end makeup, expensive face masks to basic moisturizers and professional makeup brushes to Target brand ones. I look for good quality pieces that work for me, my skin and my style and sometimes this means a $3 brush does the trick. E.L.F graces my vanity in a ton of different areas and today I'm sharing with you my top 10 E.L.F. products. If you're looking to try anything from ELF, these should be your next purchases.

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I've tried a ton of other ELF products through out the years but these are my ten new and old favorites that I just can't get enough of! Recently I picked up the contouring brush (#3) and I can't stop using it!  In my opinion it is a dupe for the NARS Kabuki Ita brush. Minus the $55 price tag of course. 

From girls just starting out and experimenting with makeup to the college kid on a budget and even the busy working mom, there's something for everyone. Most importantly they are affordable while sustaining great quality that we are all looking for.

Do you love E.L.F products as much as I do? Any products I'm totally missing out on? Let me know!