Easter Basket Ideas for the Little Ones

The other day I asked Tracen what his favorite holiday, knowing he would say Easter. Most kids would say their birthday or the standard Christmas but not my kid. Ever since he could walk the kid has been obsessed with Easter egg hunts, he loves them! I mean straight up LOVES them! He has even asked to have them for his birthday and I totally blew it this past year. No worries though, his 5th birthday will be soley centered around one, I've already started brain storming ideas!

As all holidays we really try and stick to a budget, Easter is no exception, even if Tracen is a die hard fan! Like buying for Christmas stockings I love finding a few cute things to put in the boys' Easter baskets. Skylor was only 7 months last year so this year should be more fun filing his!

\Camelbak| Book | Sunnies | PJ's | Bath Crayons//

If I've learned anything over these last 18 months its you get the same amount of things and try and do the same thing for both kids, otherwise Tracen basically looses his shit! Lately he's been running into the family room screaming and sitting in the corner saying 'nobody loves me enough to give me "_______" (insert dramatic item). Trace is so so sweet and always wants to share with Sky but on the chance he is having an off day it's a full on mess! If Skylor has a orange bowl with grapes and HE wanted that orange bowl and not the purple one, I WILL hear about it. It's usually in the form of screaming and throwing the bowl full of grapes on the floor while he runs and pouts in the corner sobbing 'no one wuvs me enough to give me de orange bowllllll' hysteria I tell ya! 

\Headphones| Sippy| Book| PJ's| Bubble Bath//

This year I'm going to be putting together a little scavenger hunt for them to find their baskets in the morning with clues. My mom did this for us a few years{maybe more, sorry mom I forget!} but I know I loved it so hopefully the boys will to! Of course I'll also have some of their favorite candy filled in the little plastic eggs that we have far too many of but I do love a good Easter basket shopping!

Have some other Easter basket ideas, let me in them!