Online Grocery Shopping with Door to Door Organics

Ahh can you smell it, the birds are chirping and the snow is melting and there's fresh food on your doorstep.

wait, what?

Yup, fresh, organic food ON your doorstep when you arrive home from work after a busy busy day!

If you watch my vlogs from time to time you'll notice we are at the grocery store a lot. Every weekend to be exact. The boys eat everything we have in house within days and it's exhausting! As a mom of two I make my grocery list in the order of the isle. Produce first, frozen second and so on, you can say I have the store memorized by heart. I know exactly how many minutes we have before Skylor looses his shit and wants to walk or Tracen screams "let me out of here!" at the top of his lungs. I usually don't grocery shop alone in efforts to avoid everything I just mentioned.

This is when Door to Door Organics comes in. I've heard about DTDO for some time now but always assumed it was outrageously expensive and with three hungry boys to feed I figured it was out of the question. Recently I decided to take a look and to my surprise it was very affordable, convenient and had a ton of different options. I could grocery shop in my pajamas on my computer!

DTDO is not just a fresh produce box it's an online grocer that offers a variety of organic, natural and best of all LOCAL products! They help the consumers, you and I, make easy and healthy food choices all while supporting the communities that we all live in.

Here's how it works, you choose either a weekly or bi-weekly delivery of organic produce. You then choose the delivery day and the size of box you would like. You can also decide if you want the box full of fruits, veggies or a mix of both. I personally have gone with the Itty Bitty box since I wasn't sure how fast the food would be eaten.

Every week I log on to the website to see what my box will contain, it's like a sneak peak at Christmas I tell ya! After reviewing all the items you will receive you can then sub out up to five items. This week I knew I didn't need the radish or onion coming my way so I grabbed the avocados and bananas for the boys and I. These are two staple items I know we go through a ton of! My biggest mistake this week was forgetting to add the other items I wanted to my cart before Thursday at noon. DTDO has this great function where you can alter your cart up to a day before it's due to deliver! Next week's box I will be sure to add on fresh organic meat that we can grill, in honor of spring don'tcha know so stay tuned for that post!

All of the produce is USDA certified organic and sourced locally whenever possible. With the summer months coming up I can't wait to see what our box will entail! Some of the other awesome features DTDO offers is leaving a cooler out and telling the carrier to place your box in it (very helpful in the summer months!) They also allow you to change your box size or frequency from weekly to bi-weekly if you aren't finishing everything or perhaps you live with three very hungry boys and need MORE food! Another great feature is the option to skip a box if you are gone on vacation and reschedule for when you come back, score!

Produce aside, DTDO is a full on organic grocery store that offers everything you need to keep your fridge and cupboards full! From steak, chicken, seafood and tofu to eggs, almond milk, coffee, chocolate and noodles! They even have frozen organic burritos, hello lunch at work! DTDO is all about recycling so be sure to leave your old box and packaging materials out on delivery day and they will reuse or recycle in the best possible way.

I'm sure you're nodding your head and you're like yes, yes, YES, sign me up! Then today is your lucky day! Enter to win a $50 gift card to Door to Door Organics by using the Rafflecopter below. A small side note though, please check to see if DTDO delivers in your area. You can do this by entering in your zip code in the search box here. However, if you are reading this and not in the area but have a friend or family member that is, still enter. If you win you could always give a gift of fresh food on someone else's doorstep! I know personally I would love to come home to that as a gift! In the mean time be sure to follow DTDO on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for future giveaways, coupon codes and unbelievable recipes! If you just can't wait for this giveaway and want to order now {I don't blame you!} you can use the code ' MIBLOGGER' to receive $10 off your first order.

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And remember, shop local!