Weekend Recap

We're alive!

And, I didn't catch the lets 'barf and crap every 30 minutes' like a few other people living in our house did. Knock on wood, but I'm rarely sick. And even when I am I usually still go to work {remember when I had pink eye..twice!}

If you want to see the cutest kids ever, watch the video. I swear Tracen watches me snuggle him and then tries to act like me and snuggle Skylor! Whatever it is, its pretty damn cute!

This weekend we really tried to tackle the kitchen since all last week Jer was sick and wasn't able to really touch a thing. We finished the tile, grout work and painting the walls. Yet the biggest accomplishment we did was the curtains, in my opinion! We ended up buying curtains from Ikea but I cut and hemmed them for the two windows in our kitchen and kitchen nook (I don't know what to call this spot, its the eat in kitchen part but we aren't using it as that...make sense?) That's right, I finally busted out my sewing machine my mom got me for Christmas THREE years ago and did work on that thing! 

When I was younger I use to go to the Salvation army and find cool shirts, pants, anything I could sew up and make my own, I hated dressing like the others. Once I pulled the machine out, got her all set up, everything came back to me and it felt great! I had to run to Joanne's to get thread which then forced me to walk the isles of fabric and flooded my mind with all these projects I wanted to start. Jerek will need to put a leash on my creative brain soon because I'm all over the place with things I want to do but I have big plans people!

Aside from working on the kitchen we did a huge Sam's club haul and we started watching bingeing on House of Cards on Netflix. We're loving it so far but with this time change we may have stayed up way too late last night because we are paying for it today!

Lastly the most important thing from this weekend is that the weather is slowly starting to turn! A large chunk of the snow has started to melt and the temps reached into the 40's, watch out California friends, we're all kinds of excited over here! I can't tell you how bad I'm longing for Tracen to ask, beg or plead that we go for a bike ride to the park, every.single.night. 

I'm looking forward to Friday as I took the day off to get my hair done. Yes, you read that right. I just had my work anniversary Thursday and my vacation days restarted so I have 5 weeks to use up and I'm starting by taking Friday off to get my hair done! My hairdresser is back from maternity leave and it will be 15 weeks since I've gotten this weave rocked! Jerek isn't always a fan of me spending my Saturday mornings getting my hair done so I figured this would work out great for all parties involved! I don't have to be at work, the boys are in daycare, Jerek doesn't have to miss me and I get to spend my sweet time with Jamie and get my blonde on! Heya! 

If you're curious as to how my roots are looking 14 weeks post dye job, feast your eyes on this! I honestly don't think they look bad but I'm convinced it's a mixture of my fabulous hairdresser and the products I use!

Dear weather, stay put {or get warmer}...or else!