5 Product Makeup Look

Guys! It's FRIDAY! I feel like this week has been chaotic but slow but fast all at once. This weekend I'm ditching the boys and heading up to a little bed and breakfast that I went with my mom last year. Here is the vlog from that weekend if you want to get an idea of the nice little retreat we shall be on. I will be vlogging this weekend too and hopefully the wonderful mimi will join in on the fun! I need to let you know that Tuesday and Thursday I went extra hard at the gym because the amount of scrumptious food I will be inhaling over the weekend. Now that we got that out of the way lets dive into my face.

Some days I love slapping on a full face of makeup on but most days I try and look as put together as possible with the least amount of effort, that makes sense right? I've shown my everyday makeup look here but lately I've been wanting to take it even further and try only using 5 products to make this girl look great. It's taken me a few attempts but I've gotten it pretty down pat. So here is my face with just using 5 products! I honestly feel SO beautiful and it took a total of 10 minutes.

I left my eyebrows natural and loaded up on my favorite mascara.

I used my bronzer to give my face some color and then threw some in my crease.

Finishing off the look are the lips! A little brighter pink with the spring time coming.

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