April Goals

March has been a very busy month, hence why I'm posting this a few days into April. Despite the fact that there were 31 days in the month it flew by. If my vlogs tickle your fancy you can see the last 3 weeks of March here!

Lets get this recap underway shall we!

1. Plan Jerek's birthday-  DONE! A short video should be up shortly (he vlogged his day for me!!!) I did a little gift/scavenger hunt on Tuesday followed by dinner with his sister and brother in law. Stay tuned for an announcement for what we'll be doing to celebrate his 30th birthday next year, it's very exciting!

2. Step up my gym game- I didn't really step it up but I didn't really let myself down, I kinda just did the same gym schedule that I've been doing. With that being said, I haven't noticed much change and that's something I was definitely looking for. Hopefully April brings me some motivation to start running outside again.

3. Finish kitchen refresh- DONE! Well 99.9% done! We have 2 more pieces of hardware we need to pick up from the store this weekend and THEN it's 100% done! {Post/pictures coming soon.}

4. Clean the upstairs carpets- Mega fail. We need to get our carpet cleaning machine back from our friends and I failed at attempting to even do so! Renee, if you're reading this, remind me that I need to grab it from you! HOLLA!

3 days deep into April but here we go!

1. Finish Secret Project- stay tuned for something really exciting I've been working on for a bit now! I know, I know, what a dickwad thing for me to say huh! I promise it will be worth the wait but by the end of April you will know all about it!

2. Finalize Wedding Plans- You are probably wondering what the hell is going on with the wedding plans. I basically warned people to never ask me about them in prior posts because I was so flustered with all the planning. Never you fear I came around and we've been planning planning planning! I recently just signed some contracts so stay tuned for that announcement soon too!

3. Run Outside- Still keeping my gym schedule up but I want to add at least 1 more day of working out and this needs to be running outside. I'm planning on doing the Detroit half marathon this year and want to train for it. Unlike last year when I just showed up and ran a 10k {and did pretty damn good actually!} This year I want to have a time goal to work towards.

4. Figure out a skin care routine- I'm 28 years old and still haven't really mastered anything that works for me! With a wedding coming up in the near future I want to dive full in and take care of my red, blotchy, sensitive skin. While I love me some beautiful makeup, having better skin will make my makeup look even better!

We're going to keep it at that for this month. With all these secrets I need to concentrate on I don't want to dig to deep of a hole for me to climb out of.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and have a great holiday with friends and family!