my favorite stage is now

Michigan summer is finally within view and I'm starting to day dream of that packed calendar. One that I don't mind having in all honesty. Working full-time I don't get to see everything that the boys do, in fact I probably get to see about 60% of their lives if I'm being honest with myself. Some days that stresses me out more than others. We are very lucky to have a great daycare and family that watch the boys while we are off working. With the long summer months ahead of us I find myself always saying that I'm looking forward to this or I can't wait till that but how is it I'm never really just content with the now.

When Sky was just a wee blob Jer and I use to talk about how we couldn't wait till he was able to sit up and interact on the floor with Tracen. Then it became we couldn't wait till he could run around and play pretend and lately we've even joked about how nice it's been that Tracen's "job" is to let the dog out when asked. Flash forward from those conversations and we are here, those things are happening and my little baby is no where to be found.

Taking a step back though and realizing all that's happen in the last 5 years is crazy. Time really does fly when you're having fun as cliche as that sounds. Our weekends may be a little boring from time to time as they are filled with grocery shopping, laundry {or lack there of doing} but they are always filled with smiles and laughter and a few smart ass comments from myself to Jerek {how does he even put up with me?!}

Live for today {in German}

When Tracen was a little over a year old I went and got my second tattoo {notice the crazy dark hair!} one I had been wanting for a while. Living in the moment or the day is something I have to constantly remind myself to do, to live for the everyday, and not just the big and exciting things that we tend to always look forward to. At times we can get so caught up on the large goals, the trips we're headed on or the money we're making that we tend to forget about the small things, the everyday things that make us happy or maybe just the things that get us by.

Both boys are growing at such a rapid rate I swear some days I just can't keep up. I find myself wishing Skylor would just be done teething or instantly be potty trained. At these same moments I then realize that he's almost two and where the hell has my baby gone. There are days when they play together so well that I can cook dinner without a peep and I think, this, this is my favorite stage. Every night when I put Tracen to bed and tell him good night I hope that maybe that night will be the night he actually sleeps in his own bed. There have been a handful of mornings I wake up and he's not next to me and I start thinking maybe I should take back everything I said the night before!

No matter what stage you are in make it your favorite. The sleepless nights will pass and maybe they won't but they won't be the end of the world in the greater scheme of things. The neediness of constantly longing to be attached at your hip will subside and they will soon enough be teenagers that you will beg to have dinner with you. Regardless,