Wedding Talk: Skincare

I'm the girl you all hate.

The one that goes to bed with a full face of makeup on and wakes up with no acne.

I don't know what having cystic acne feels like.

I don't have acne scaring.

I don't have oily skin.

And I never had to carry blotting sheets in my purse because I don't get shiny.


But I am human and I'm not perfect, the issues I worry about are just different. I worry about the types of lotions I can buy and the detergent I can use that won't leave a rash on my skin.

Both my grandpa and dad have bad cases of Psoriasis. Lucky me, I've naturally inherited that red, dry, flaky skin type. While I don't have Psoriasis yet I'm convinced that I will sooner than later as my dad got it in his 20's.

One of my best friends from college secretly hates me. She hates me because she's that girl that has to remove her makeup as soon as she gets home and even when she does she will still breakout. She has suffered with cystic acne for years and has tried just about every product and dermatologist recommended procedure known to man kind. In college our bathroom was FILLED with expensive face products of hers and there was my knock off Target brand face wash, barely touched.


I do get the occasional breakout here and there but pimples are really the last thing on my mind. I usually am worrying about how dry my skin is and if I look like a lizard with foundation slopped on top. It starts with my scalp, I pray no one thinks I'm some dirty girl with a head full of dandruff. This was my constant concern when I had black hair. Moving down from my hairline I stare directly at my nose. The redness and extreme dry patches around my nostrils are what stressed me out. As we move down my face my chin is the same deal, no matter how much moisturizer I put on these two places, nothing has worked for years.

My cheeks look like I am blind when applying blush, they are red and blotchy, defiantly not a color you'd find at Sephora. My face is covered in freckles with some larger sun spots. I spent years working in a tanning salon which also led me to those dreaded beds day after day, months and months. Years I'll never get back. Don't do drugs kids and don't lay in tanning beds! {yes mom, YOU WERE RIGHT....AGAIN}

If you watch my videos on Youtube you'll see I am barefaced a great deal of the time, I have zero shame in my no makeup game. But I love makeup, I love the different looks I can create, trying new products and giving advice when asked on what works or doesn't work for me. As I enter my last 442 days in my 20's {yup, did the math} and with a wedding coming up it made me really start to think about my overall skincare. Things I want to change, things I want to start taking care of and things I want to start investing in.

Last week I talked about how my wardrobe is changing and I'm attempting to buy quality pieces that will last me longer than a weekend out with my friends. This is true for my skincare game, or lack there of. While I do have face wash, makeup remover, toners and face lotion nothing seems to be hydrating my skin. My makeup seems to be laying funny, the weather is drying it out and I'm getting really irritated.

In the recent year or so I started seeing people talk about Rodan & Fields. When I heard that they were the dermatologist that had created Proactiv I though oh that's nice, a line now for adult acne and kept on with my daily life. Then one day my girlfriend that hated me told me she has partnered up with Rodan & Fields. I can't lie, I rolled my eyes and asked if she really thought it was going to help her skin, I mean she's been through a lot. Below I asked her to tell me everything she's used or procedure she's done to give you an idea. Grab a glass of wine, it's a long one:

Product lines used:
1. Proactiv (on and off for 8+ years)
2. Glytone (face wash, toner, serums, eye cream)
3. Skinceuticals (2 different serums, SPF product)
4. Avene (face wash, toner, serum, moisturizer)
5. Obagi (face wash, toner)
6. Neutrogena (face wash)
7. Dermalogica (serum, moisturizer)
8. Glam Glow (face mask)
9. NeuCutis (eye cream)
10. Epionce (face moisturizer and serum)
11. Vivant Skin Care (acid skin peels at home)
12. Make Up Artists Choice (wash, serum, toner, peels)
13. Clarisonic-face cleaning brush, have had 2 of these, $200 and $300

**Microdermabrasion at derm office-$150 p/ treatment (10-15 times)
**The Pearl Fractional Laser-$1200 with 7 day down time
**Clear + Brilliant Laser-$2000 total (4 times)
**Permea Laser-$400/laser (once)
**Genesis Laser-$400/laser (3 times)

(Have had several of the below chemical peels)

**Mandelic acid chemical peel-$100 in office cost
**Salicylic acid chemical peel-$100 in office cost
**Gycolic acid chemical peel-$100 in office cost

-Many different types of facials to clear pores.

*I have gone to the number one medical spa in the state of Michigan.
Most of the products listed were purchased though them and I was using
up to 10 different products a day, different regimens in the morning
and night and probably cost $1300 for all of those products for the

You get my drift right, she's tried everything so when she started using R&F and swore it changed her life, I believed her. Probably one of the only people I would believe when it comes to skincare too. I was really happy and excited for her because her wedding is coming up and I know how stressful that can be on brides, your face is every picture! We talked some more and checked out the rest of the product line and she told me I should use the Soothe line (based on the Skin Care Solution Tool found here.) 

I gave in. Even though I swore I really didn't think I should since my skin wasn't "bad". I'm here to tell you I'm SO glad I did! I wasn't sure that it was working but within 2 weeks of using the system day and night, (which that was really hard for me to get use to, remember I usually went to bed with makeup on) my skin has NEVER been this hydrated and this soft! We recently had our engagement photos taken and I wasn't worried about my dry patches at all. My freckles/sun spots are fading and the redness is slowly starting to lessen as well. I'm 110% excited about the results I'm seeing! I can't thank all of you enough that have posted on Facebook about Rodan & Fields! While sometimes it can be overwhelming (IE: annoying as shit!) when people post non stop about their business ventures on social media I never felt this way whenever Sarah talked about it. Believe me, I would tell her if she was too!

If you've been on the fence about investing in skincare, because it is an investment, I won't deny that, then you should contact Sarah. I'm the last person you want answering questions because I have zero experience with this stuff but Sarah, oh Sarah knows it all! 

[Close up so you can see there are ZERO dry, flaky patches on my face!!!]

This is probably THE longest post I've ever written but if you sign up and place an order as apreferred customer, Sarah will send you a free gift as well as free shipping and 10% off all
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Last but not least, if interested in selling Rodan+Fields is an something you’d like to explore, 
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|| Please note that this is NOT a sponsored post nor am I getting paid for anything written in here. I'm just a girl trying to work on her skin care game and with all things I recommend, I only do so when they have helped me!||