May Goals

April showers bring May flowers...or in Michigan sometimes they bring snow and construction.

Recapping April's goals today:

1. Finish Secret Project- minor set back, hopefully it's all up and running by the end of May!

2. Finalize Wedding Plans- check! Announced here for your viewing pleasure.

3. Run Outside- nope. Not even one time. I have been running every time I'm at the gym though, so it semi counts?

4. Figure out a skin care routine- check! I JUST talked about this on Wednesday in my first wedding talk Wednesday post. So glad I finally found something that actually works for me. My skin has honestly never looked nor felt this good in YEARS!

Now onto May, which BTW, MAY!? That means we're almost half way through 2015...I swore I was just throwing back cocktails downtown for NYE?!

1. Spray the inside & outside of house for spiders- I can't even begin to tell you how stressed I was last summer with some of the spiders we saw and might I add MURDERED inside our house! And you can bet your pretty penny this goal is really meant for Jerek because I don't do this kinda thing, I just delegate these types of task. Spraying for spiders inevitably means FINDING spiders and I do NOT want to find any WHILE spraying for them! Case and point.

2. Post before and after results of the 24 Day Challenge- This may seem like a silly goal but posting my before pictures is what stress me out. It's no surprise that I'm an open book if you couldn't tell already and I'm currently rocking it out eating and working out wise but posting a before photo for everyone to see is on a whole other level for me! BUT it will be done so keep your eyes peeled for that in a few weeks {SIGH|} If you're interested in what I'm talking about or joining me you can email me for more information [] or check it out here! I have a group starting the day after Mothers day with that will include a private Facebook group, workouts, meal suggestions and daily checkins for anyone participating! 

3. Get bike ready for the summer- I have an old retro 3 speed white Schwinn that really needs a good tune up. Last year I rode it without doing so and I really think it needs some loving before we put some more miles on it this year.

Sometimes I question if I should stop posting my goals every month but then I realize that these really help keep me in check throughout the month. I also love checking in every month and sharing. Not only does it help with my accountability I hope it helps some of you that ask how I do it all realize that I'm a normal mom and some months can barely get to work on time let alone blog!

Happy Friday and have a fantastic weekend! XX