Mom Clothes Style

Hello and happy Sunday Funday! Today we're talking "Mom clothes."

I hate that term to be honest.

Someone please define to me what mom clothes really are 

because it confuses me. 

I wore this outfit Friday, put some curls in my hair (NUME wands are $29 till tonight at midnight folks!!! Use code 'GETMYWAND') and my makeup looked really good. All I had planned was to go to work and have our normal pizza party Friday routine. I wasn't going out after work, in fact I wrote this in my sweats on the couch while we watched Sons of Anarchy till almost 2am, #momlife. But I wanted to share because I felt really good, I felt confident and happy with how my clothes are fitting lately and that's what it's all about!

Me personally, I like to look cute, put together yet comfortable, those are my three goals when I get dressed everyday. Some days I'm less comfortable and more put together, and sometimes it's quite the opposite. In my attempt to wear less leggings, sigh,  I'm also trying to buy things that I can wear in different ways so I'm getting the most bang for my buck.

H&M and I have a love hate relationship. I love the style, price and quality of the clothing but I hate how a size 6 pant there is most defiantly NOT a size 6 pant in say Express jeans. My thought is because Europeans and Americans are built totally different so the sizing is also different, at least thats what I tell myself when the 10's at H&M won't get over my ass! Regardless my closet is made up of about 40% H&M and most are tops.

As you also might be aware in previous posts {here & here} I'm trying to lose a little weight and tone up. While doing so my clothes are fitting differently, a good different but different none the less. Back in high school you wouldn't catch me dead buying anything that was loose fitting, it just wasn't the style. Now the slouchy, over sized shirts are the only thing I gravitate towards. This is one of my favorite shirts from H&M, it was about $12.99 and fits me perfectly. Long in the back to wear with leggings but looks effortlessly great tucked into jeans.

I've been on the hunt trying to find this same shirt in other colors and patterns because it's that great! The sleeves aren't tight and unflattering on your arms, the collar isn't too high and it flares out in just the right place. It really is a dreamy shirt not to mention so is the price!

{Similar shirt here here and here }

Speaking of jeans, these are from Express and I wear them 5 days a week. Yep, sure do, I should probably buy another pair to be honest. But these, these are so comfortable, they have the perfect amount of stretch, stop at my ankle, they are basically the ideal jean for any women gracing the skyline of a staggering 5'1. {The black bracelet is a Fitbit Flex for anyone wondering}

Moving down to my feet, these are my new favorites for the warm weather. Remember when everyone had Birkenstocks and then they went out of style so we all gave them to Goodwill and moved on to the next trend. Ya, well the things came full circle and I wanted a few different styles. I've resorted to not investing in a real pair and instead I'll get a few "inspired" pairs for the price of one. These babes are from Forever 21 about a month or so ago so run to your nearest store and scoop them up for $25.

The big question is, do I look like a cool mom not like a regular mom? {mean girls anyone?} One thing I always stress to moms, new and old, is that taking care of YOU needs to be a priority. When you feel good about yourself, it radiates down to others. Take care of your body, buy clothes that fit and don't worry about the number on the tag. Get dressed up just to run errands and put a full face of makeup on it you want! We work hard enough always worrying about other people, take some of that time and energy and invest it in YOURSELF, you won't be disappointed. If you are most comfortable in t-shirts and jeans, and I mean who isn't, find quality t-shirts and jeans that fit you well and invest in them. Find practical pieces that still scream you and your style. You can still be a "good" mom even if you take some time for yourself in the morning, contrary what some people will tell you. Hopefully this post showed you that you don't need to spend a ton of money to look good. You also don't need to wear t-shirts 10 times too big just because you're a mom now. Dress for your body and be happy in your own skin!

Have a great one and I'll see you later this week for the big special project reveal!!! Exciting right!