Wedding Talk: Engagement Photos

When our parents got married there were things that they didn't do, like Save the Dates. I think engagement pictures was probably up there as well, perhaps it's more of a new thing. I've stated before how we will be forgoing some of the traditions here, but there's others I forgot to mention, ones like thou shall not live together before you're married or thou shall not have sex and have children before you're married. you know those kind of traditions.

One more relatively new thing slash tradition is engagement photos. I don't think the baby boomer generation really did this, or did they? Regardless, this was something that was actually really important to me. As a mom I'm constantly taking photos of the boys or Jerek and the boys and while I do love me a good selfie I want this to be about us since that's where it all started.  With Jerek and I. 

I wanted to make sure we had photos of just us. No kids. No selfie in the car before we go get dinner while we have a babysitter for a few hours, professional pictures, ones that will last for years. I wanted them to be real and raw yet fun and something that screams BEACH ANGELS! We headed back to Cranbrook since there were so many different places we hadn't seen when we were there as a family. It was insanely gorgeous that day, spring in Michigan had just begun! If you want to see behind the scenes of the photos you can watch it here.

There was only one person I wanted to take these pictures and that was Jenny from Monroe Fox Photography. Jenny is the mama of the one and only Mia, one that graces her presence in photos and vlogs on a regular basis, maybe one day she'll be a daughter-in-law! If you remember our family pictures Jenny shot those too. An art therapist by day and killer photographer by night, weekends and whenever Mia will sit long enough and watch Frozen! Jenny has been gracious enough to offer an amazing deal for any East Willow Grove readers, $30 off any regular session. Make sure you check out her work on her Facebook page or her website and feel free to message her with any questions you may have and don't forget to mention EWG for a great deal!

NOW...on to the photos!

This is us people!

I honestly have about 50 more I'd love to post but I'm attempting to leave SOMETHING to the imagination! Happy hump day friends!!!